After turning over the Mona Lisa, the experts found the clue again. Maybe there are four beasts!

After turning over the Mona Lisa, the experts found the clue again. Maybe there are four beasts!

Many outstanding painters have sprung up in history. Their painting techniques have reached the level of perfection, leaving many great works of literature. Speaking of Leonardo da Vinci, almost everyone knows that he not only made breakthroughs in painting, but also made great achievements in other fields.

In Leonardo da Vinci’s pen, there was once a painting handed down through the ages, that is, the Mona Lisa. This painting attracts hundreds of people to appreciate her smile every year. As for whether she smiles or not, it has puzzled the painting circle for many years. Many people think that the most magical part of this painting is that no matter what angle you look at it, you can feel the Mona Lisa smiling. With the development of science and technology, people find this painting more and more strange, and they have a lot of doubts. After turning over the Mona Lisa, the experts found the clue again. Maybe there are four beasts!

Now the technology is gradually mature, there are many ways to identify, the most common are X-ray technology and AI technology. Although it’s complicated, it’s very effective for Mona Lisa. In the process of research, experts found that 83% of Mona Lisa’s smile is happy, and 17% contains disgust, fear and anger. If you look at her for a long time, you will feel that she is not smiling, on the contrary, she has a serious look. However, after carefully appreciating her eyes and face, you will feel that she is not smiling. It is this feeling that makes this painting beautiful The name has been passed down through the ages.

There was once a famous oil painter who created a design of Mona Lisa’s smile, and the sketch sold at a sky high price. Her smile has attracted worldwide attention. However, after three years of research, some experts have found some clues. There are four kinds of animals in the Mona Lisa, including buffalo, lion, ape and giant snake. Many people are shocked when they hear that it’s just a painting. Why do so many animals get involved? So this conclusion has not been accepted.

Many people think it’s just an imaginary beast. After turning over the Mona Lisa, they find that her smile has changed. It was obvious that her face was distorted, no longer elegant, but impatient. This kind of smile was very strange and terrible. Now when we look at the Mona Lisa, we will find that there are too many secrets hidden in her face. Some people think that the original Mona Lisa may not smile, we just found it by feeling.

Now, after flipping her over, we find more strange and terrible problems, which have been bothering experts and no one can reveal. No wonder Da Vinci’s masterpiece is pursued by so many people. It contains secrets that can be solved by many people. We need to constantly explore them. More than that, there are many other meanings of Mona Lisa’s smile. What do you think about it What do you think of it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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