After Yang Liwei returned to land, why did he no longer go into space? The reason behind it is thoughtful!

The universe gave birth to thousands of stars. Since ancient times, when we look up at the starry sky, it is destined that human beings are full of yearning for the universe. In the course of thousands of years of development, countless ancestors have devoted themselves to the era of science and technology. Thanks to the support of science, we can go to the universe. For China, Yang Liwei’s successful launch is a milestone in China’s aerospace industry. Astronauts led us to see a more real universe. I wonder if you have ever noticed such a problem. Why has Yang Liwei never been to the universe since he came back from space?

In many people’s cognition, astronaut is a brilliant career, they enjoy the supreme glory and applause, but the price they pay is unimaginable. As a qualified astronaut, we must have excellent psychological quality and professional strength. Before human beings entered the universe, we knew nothing about the environment of the universe. Even if astronauts trained day and night on earth, we would inevitably encounter unexpected situations in the universe. Yang Liwei once heard a strange sound in the process of liftoff. At that time, he was the only one in the universe, but he heard the knock outside the cabin door. We can imagine what we would do if we heard such a sound in the endless dark space?

A mysterious knock on the door

This strange sound has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Some people think that this sound is certainly not taught by human beings. After all, Yang Liwei was the only one in the universe at that time. So this knock on the door is likely to be the result of extraterrestrial life. Perhaps, as scientists say, the universe is full of seeds of life, and all levels of extraterrestrial civilization are quietly behind it Watch us. They detect that humans have entered the universe, and may have invaded their territory, so they knock on the door to warn humans.

These are all the guesses of UFO enthusiasts, and there is no real evidence. At that time, after hearing the knock, I didn’t feel flustered. I still finished my work and returned to earth safely. The knock has also become a controversial topic in the scientific community. The truth of the matter was not solved until 17 years later. In fact, it was not the alien knock, but the pressure difference inside the cabin Sound. If Yang Liwei opened the door rashly at that time, we could not imagine what kind of disaster was waiting for him.

Why is Yang Liwei no longer flying?

Although Yang Liwei successfully returned to the earth, his body was also under great pressure in the universe. What we see is just a black screen, but Yang Liwei is in the unknown darkness. In the process of liftoff, the rocket continued to accelerate, and there was a strong shaking, he even felt suffocating. Therefore, the mission has also affected his body. In terms of his physical condition, there is no way to fly to the universe for the second time.

Although he can no longer lead human beings to understand the universe, he is still glowing behind the scenes. Therefore, the process of human exploration of the universe is always a long way off. Every country and nation can’t do without people who look up to the stars. It is these people who can make us go further.

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