AI robot dating is surrounded by the whole network. How do they communicate? Is it a threat to humanity?

In many people’s cognition, artificial intelligence has become the development trend of the future world. In today’s society, intelligent products can be seen everywhere, and all kinds of AI chat robots emerge in an endless stream. However, when we deal with AI chat robots, we will find that they are always cold machines, which will wear out the patience of adults at some time.

Robot dating

Some time ago, the United States was swiped by a news report. At that time, there was an online live broadcast. Last time, the blind date was not a human, but an AI robot. The live broadcast didn’t seem too much fun to us, but it attracted many netizens to watch. The man’s name is blenderbot. He’s wearing a blue baseball cap, and he’s very strong. The chat function of this A.I. robot is very rich. In our opinion, it is more human and can convert multiple languages and conversation skills. The female robot he’s dating is Kuki. With a blue-green bobhead and a leaky shoulder top, it looks very fashionable.

The male robot is from Facebook, and the female AI robot is from Pandora company. Although Pandora company is not as famous as Facebook, its performance can not be underestimated. In the system of female robot, the staff set up 500000 reply sentences, among which there are more than 1 billion conversations. The reason why she is so popular is that she can better understand human nature, so it is more convenient to communicate with human beings. Some people think that the date between the two robots is actually a matter of human leisure, and there is no emotion between the robots. What kind of spark can they collide?

The live broadcast started on October 20, 24 hours a day, and lasted for three weeks. It is unthinkable that two robots can chat for such a long time. At first, their chat was quite normal, but in the end, their topic had deviated from the direction. In the end, the male robot claimed that he had killed many people in his life. How could a robot have killed people? Such words are also inconceivable to us.

Is AI a threat?

After seeing the dialogue between the two robots, many people feel relaxed. They think that the robot itself is not aware of the dialogue between them, and there is no emotion at all, so humans don’t have to worry that they will take their place. They are doomed not to be able to chat normally like human beings, so these problems are also stumbling blocks in the growth of chat robots.

It has been nearly 10 years since Siri came into being. We can clearly feel that when human beings communicate with them, they always encounter the situation of wrong answers. So the development of artificial intelligence is still full of controversy. When can chat robots understand the meaning of human beings? Maybe only time can give the answer.

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