AI to realize the eternal dream? Scientist: this may be an alternative form of “Immortality” for human beings

With the rapid development of human science and technology, such a rapid development is inseparable from the contribution of the computer, and the update of the computer is faster. Now human beings have begun to study artificial intelligence, which is completely different from the traditional computer. Traditional computer has no learning ability, but artificial intelligence can learn human knowledge, so as to upgrade itself.

With the rapid development of human science and technology, people’s living standards have improved, but human life expectancy has not improved much. Scientists have never given up the study of human life expectancy. Scientists are trying to increase people’s life expectancy greatly, or even achieve immortality through genetic technology. But the process will be long.

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, some scientists put forward a new idea that can make people achieve immortality, that is to download all the data in the human brain to the computer. We know that the human brain is actually equivalent to a complex computer. The amount of information stored in the brain is amazing. These information are actually equivalent to a pile of data. As long as it’s data, it can be downloaded and saved. After human death, the saved data can be uploaded to a new body. Is it possible to achieve an alternative rebirth?

Maybe someone asked, where does this new body come from? Cloning technology can be easily done. Now people are secretly studying cloning technology. This technology is nothing in fact in the future. It’s just a kind of moral concept, which is hard to accept at the moment. But if it’s the mind of the brain or its own, it’s nothing to clone a body.

Of course, there is another way to download the data from the brain to the computer. Instead of cloning a new body, it is directly saved to the computer. Of course, this computer is not what we think of as intelligence, but a real quantum computer that can do three-dimensional projection. This computer is equivalent to a real artificial intelligence and has its own ideas , can communicate with people, completely the same as the original real person, only the body replaced by a computer.

Some scientists have questioned whether it is realistic to transform the human brain into a computer, but Dr. Kaku is not the first person to propose the idea of using human avatars to achieve immortality. Dmitry itskov, a Russian billionaire, once claimed that he would make human immortality possible within 30 years. His idea is to upload the human brain to the computer.

Mr itskov, 35, has created a team to try to map the human brain and store it artificially through a viable project. “In the next 30 years, I’m pretty sure we can live forever,” he declared. I’m 100% confident that this idea will come true, otherwise I won’t start this project. “

It can be seen from this that scientists believe that it is entirely possible to download the human brain into the computer and achieve another kind of immortality. This is the real artificial intelligence, but it also has a lot of courage. If this kind of technology really appears in the future and is widely used in people’s lives, will the society not be in chaos? Will there be a war between robots and humans?

This kind of courage still exists. Even if scientists really succeed in the study of brain transformation in the future, it will not be popularized, and it will only be used by some scientists. The most valuable thing in this society is the scientists’ brain. If scientists can achieve this kind of alternative immortality, and when the body dies, they can continue to resurrect and carry on the research, the achievements will be inevitable Huge, the development of human civilization will also be greatly accelerated, so that human civilization can realize interstellar civilization as soon as possible, and accelerate the pace of exploration of the universe. It will be a milestone for the progress of human civilization.

Finally, I hope that scientists can make a breakthrough in this technology for the benefit of mankind.

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