AIDS will no longer make people pale, she used this drug to successfully save herself

Previously, we said that AIDS was caused by African gorillas, and then spread widely because of a Canadian named Gaetan Dugas, who was gay and had sexual relations with 2500 people. This kind of person is a kind of social psychology of revenge. Coincidentally, there are always people with this kind of social psychology of revenge. A college student went to Chiang Mai, Thailand, and was raped by an HIV carrier. Fortunately, the college student’s consciousness is relatively clear, and he found a doctor for the first time. And the doctor is the first time to make a reasonable treatment for the university student, and the university student also safely passed the window period.

Today Xiaobian will popularize the knowledge of HIV. HIV is also the defect of human immune system, commonly known as AIDS (AIDS). It is a chronic disease that erodes the immune cells of human body. The current medical level can not cure it. In 2015, scientists from many countries showed that the four known HIV strains are chimpanzees and gorillas from Cameroon, which is the first time that all sources of HIV strains have been identified. HIV strains are divided into m, N, O and P. among them, m and N, which are the most widely spread, have long been confirmed to come from chimpanzees, while o and P, which are relatively rare, were later confirmed to come from gorillas in southwestern Cameroon. (it’s all caused by chimpanzees!)

We all know that HIV infection is the source of infection, can be separated from blood, semen, vaginal secretion, milk, and other HIV, and shaking hands, hugging, kissing, swimming, mosquito bites, sharing tableware, coughing or sneezing can spread HIV. There are too many ways of HIV transmission, so that’s why people are so afraid of HIV. Although scientists have not yet developed a cure for HIV drugs, but we can take PEP approach to HIV treatment and control.

Let’s talk about pep in detail. PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) “prevention after exposure” refers to a person exposed to the risk of HIV infection, taking anti AIDS drugs immediately, which can prevent HIV infection. When it comes to this, we have to mention the term “window period”: the period between the entry of HIV into the human body and the production of sufficient amount of HIV antibody in the blood, which can be detected by detection methods, is called “window period”. That is to say, from HIV infection to HIV detection and diagnosis. Because the incubation period of HIV is very long, so the window period is also 2-3 weeks, 3 months, or even 6 months, to say that in the window period, HIV is still infectious.

And what we call PEP is prevention and treatment in the window period, and the effect of taking medicine within 1-2 hours after exposure is the best, the longer the time is, the worse the treatment effect is, otherwise the better the effect is. Experts pointed out that it should be taken within 72 hours at the latest, and then adhere to a four week 28 day post exposure preventive treatment. This can greatly reduce the infectivity of HIV by more than 80%.

Scientists also pointed out that the discovery of exposure to HIV must be timely medication, so as to effectively control the disease. The AIDS drug is also a prescription drug, which can’t be bought in ordinary pharmacies. We should go to the municipal CDC, infectious disease hospital and other professional institutions to buy it. And HIV is not a drug can treat all, the doctor according to the patient’s own situation to give patients suitable drugs, so that there will be curative effect. And it is also expected to control and treat HIV in the window period. Of course, not all people can be found early and controlled in time. Everyone’s constitution is different, and the treatment results are not the same.

The college student mentioned above finally broke away from the window period under the treatment of the doctor, which is also very lucky. Scientists are trying to study the treatment of HIV. Should we also eliminate our colored eyes and stop looking at HIV carriers with colored glasses? Then are HIV carriers less likely to retaliate against society?

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