Alien base? Is the Arctic base seen by American pilots true or false?

For a long time, human beings have been looking for the figure of aliens. In the eyes of many conspiracy theorists, aliens have already come to the earth and built research bases inside the earth. In our opinion, such a statement is too bizarre, but it is still supported by many people. I wonder if you have heard of an American soldier named Baird. He once claimed to have been to an alien base in the Arctic. What’s the matter?

Alien base in the Arctic?

Baird claimed that it was February 1947, when they made a lot of preparations to go to the Arctic for survey work. At that time, they were flying North according to the navigation. After many tests, communication and radio were very normal. But when they came to a lake covered with ice and snow, the compass began to shake constantly and the direction failed. At this time, the ice and snow on the ground disappeared, and tall mountains appeared in the distance. Although the number of these mountains is not large, it is not an illusion.

Baird has never seen such a phenomenon, but the unexpected situation is still behind. It wasn’t long before several tall humanoid creatures appeared. They were unarmed, fair skinned and blonde. At this time, Baird’s eyes suddenly appeared a glittering world, like a paradise in general. When he entered the world, he saw the research place of aliens, and also saw the mammoth that had disappeared for many years. He claimed that he had advanced science and technology in this research base. In fact, the United States had known about this for a long time, but it had been blocked.

Of course, we can’t be sure of the existence of aliens just by Baird’s words. In fact, the whole world is also full of uncertainties. At that time, some witnesses saw such pictures, but the investigators who participated in the study of the incident all died for different reasons. Up to now, Baird’s diary is still an unsolved mystery. Of course, many conspiracy theorists firmly believe this view. The reason why aliens came to earth is that they have reached an agreement with some developed countries.

Have aliens really come to earth?

They hope to find a safe research base on the earth, while aliens will provide advanced science and technology to human beings. This seems to be a mutually beneficial situation. However, there are many loopholes in this statement. If aliens are really much more civilized than human beings, why do they trade with us?

With the continuous development of the Internet, the information on the network is more and more complex, and there have been many alien bases in history. In 1974, some people in Britain claimed to have seen aliens, and mysterious caves were found in the Grand Canyon of corolla. These caves are full of mystery. Do you think there are any alien bases in the world?

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