Alien civilization is very powerful, and will visit the earth one day, which is related to human survival

Astronauts can see the sky at any time, so can amateurs. Of course, what they are looking for is a big meteorite. It’s certainly not good for that kind of thing to hit the earth. Most of the time, the space objects discovered by astronomers’ telescopes are spaceships, which can reveal that it is an alien spaceship rather than other spaceships. The most obvious information is that it does not stay in an arc orbit, because it indicates that it seems to be affected by forces other than the gravity of the solar system, which indicates that these guided spaceships rely on their own kinetic energy to run, rather than on their own If you follow the law of free fall, then this represents alien wisdom.

We all thought that only senior officials of the Ministry of defense would discuss the news with the president, but this is not the case. Any astronomer on earth can confirm this fact: the spaceship is guided by extraterrestrial intelligence, and the final paper can’t hold fire.

When we finally find the aliens, many people will be very excited. Everyone will have their own interpretation, there will be an optimistic side, there will be a pessimistic side, and some people think that aliens have long been on the earth, so we can think that this is just a visit from more aliens, so they will say: welcome to the earth!

When we face the arrival of extraterrestrial intelligence, the biggest problem is why?

Why did they come to earth? What did they get? Some answers should be excluded. For example, they are supposed to plunder the earth’s resources. For example, they want our water, or they want our tin or other resources. But to be honest, they will first bump into Enceladus, a small moon of Saturn, or Europa, a moon of Jupiter, because their surface is obviously covered with ice, so they are on their way to earth. If they are only interested in water and other things, they can choose to stay in many other places.

Why do they take the earth as their destination? If you live on a planet in the solar system and you know that your planet will eventually become a supernova, you may try to find another star and move there. Then you have to admit that the earth is very suitable for survival. Compared with other planets in the universe that place high hopes on us, the earth is the best planet with a very good environment. Considering that it has rich oceans and thick atmosphere, and the plate movement shakes the earth’s surface, so that we can make use of the resources in the crust, the earth is indeed a good place in many ways For these reasons, if aliens, like us, belong to carbon based organisms, or similar organisms, maybe they think the earth is a good place.

For example, if you are a deer in the forest, who are you most afraid of? The shooter, the hunter, the developer, they all have an architectural design? Yes, the hunter looks very fierce, he can kill you, but this is not the real danger. When you encounter the real danger, you may get in the way, developers may build roads where you are looking for food, and so will all the animals in the forest except you!

What’s more, the real danger we face is not that they will kill us or breed with us, but that our DNA will change.

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