Alien civilization sends out a distress signal? The signal of 60000 years ago, the content of decoding is worrying

Whether there are aliens in space has always been a hot topic. Scientists believe that there are aliens in space, otherwise they would not send so many exploration ships to find them. In such a big universe, with millions of planets, how can only one earth have life? Although up to now, human beings have not found the exact location of aliens, nor have they really seen what aliens look like, the frequent UFO sightings on the earth and the universe in recent years have made people realize that aliens must exist, and it is only a matter of time before they can be found.

In the 1990s, scientists in the former Soviet Union once received a signal from aliens 60000 years ago. Through the unremitting efforts of scientists, they finally deciphered the content of the signal. But surprisingly, the content of the signal was too unexpected.

According to scientists, this will make a major breakthrough in human exploration and cognition of the universe. The basic meaning of “signal” is that we are now in the 7th interstellar of the 12th universe, and the signs of acceleration indicate that we have reached the 4th universe, and the enemy has also invaded.

Its content is very simple, but it gives us a lot of knowledge. First of all, we know that the universe is not unique. The reference to the twelfth universe in the content shows that there are many universes. Second, the earth is in the fourth universe. But I don’t know how big the universe is in the eyes of aliens? Consider the Milky way as a universe, or take into account all the extragalactic galaxies we can observe. There is another meaning at the end of this signal, that is, there is war in the universe, but it is not peaceful. Maybe interstellar war happens every day in other universes, and the enemies in the universe are not necessarily what we think.

Another implication of this signal is that the civilization level of the universe may also be related to numbers. The larger the number is, the higher the civilization level may be. For example, the civilization level of 14 universe may be much lower than the level 4 civilization level of the universe where the earth is located. Maybe human beings are unable to find aliens at present. Maybe it is related to the low level of the universe where the earth is located. Our universe may be just a small village, alien unseen. Perhaps in other higher-level universes, alien civilization is everywhere, and there are a lot of aliens.

This signal was sent out 60000 years ago. That is to say, on the technical level, aliens have far surpassed the earth. Aliens have been able to carry out interstellar navigation and cross the universe. The speed of that spaceship must have exceeded the speed of light. Maybe they can also create artificial wormholes to cross the universe.

As we all know, in the universe, the distance between the planets and the interstellar is very far. There are dozens of light-years and hundreds of light-years without moving. If it is between the universe and the universe, there may be hundreds of thousands of light-years. If it is normal navigation, even if the speed of light wants to travel through the universe, it is impossible. There must be a faster way to navigate. Maybe scientists on earth have discovered wormholes. To pass through the universe and the passage between the universe, there must be a door, which is wormholes.

Decoding this signal not only makes us have a great leap in our understanding of the universe, but also makes human beings realize their own smallness. When human beings are still self-sufficient on earth, alien civilizations have shuttled through the universe, and the technological gap between them and the earth has been more than 10000 years. At the same time, the universe is not peaceful. The reason why the earth is safe may be related to the location of the universe. A remote mountain village is hard to be detected by aliens. But in the future, once the development of human science and technology can also carry out interstellar navigation, it will be difficult for this small mountain village of the earth not to be noticed.

There may be more alien civilizations in the space than we expected. Only when the technological civilization and strength of the earth are improved can we ensure the safety and tranquility of the earth.

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