Alien civilization visited Earth 240000 years ago? To establish a civilization of terror and find traces in ancient books?

When we talk about the earliest civilization of mankind, many people may think of ancient Egypt, ancient China, ancient India and ancient Babylon, which are recognized by the world as the “four ancient civilizations”. Ancient China is the only country with more than 5000 years of cultural history.

In fact, in addition to these four ancient civilizations, there have been other civilizations in history, such as the Maya civilization. They are in the new stone age, but we can’t find that they are at a higher level in the development of aviation.

Therefore, archaeologists believe that the oldest civilization in human history is the ancient Sumerian civilization from the Mesopotamia plain. This ancient country is full of mystery from the very beginning. They became the most prosperous metropolis in the world more than 7000 years ago. They set 24 hours a day and 60 minutes an hour.

Not only that, they have complete laws and the world’s first army. And founded the first school in human history, knowledge slowly emerged. They have the title of “human light” in the field of science.

But there is a great controversy about the origin of Sumerian civilization. And there are many unscientific places in the Sumerian Dynasty. Some people think that the origin of Sumerian civilization is the stars and planets in the universe. Of course, such comments are recognized and must have some basis.

According to the survey of scientists, there are only eight generations of Sumerian kings, but the Sumerian civilization has existed for tens of thousands of years, which shows that the ruling time of each generation of Kings is surprisingly long. This shows that their life span has exceeded that of normal people.

The longest life span of normal human is only about 120 years, so how did Sumerian early ruling kings achieve 10000 years of supremacy? Perhaps, there is only one explanation, that is, they may not be earth people. So some people think that the Sumerian Dynasty was founded by aliens.

According to statistics, the eight Sumerian monarchs have ruled for more than 240000 years, of which the first generation is the most mysterious.

In ancient books, it is recorded that the first generation of Kings came from other planets with special mysterious power. And as like as two peas in the book, we can find almost identical patterns in the books left by the Sumerians. Did we have any instruments that could draw star maps at that time?

A paragraph recorded in ancient Babylonian history is even more subversive. In Archean times, a group of highly intelligent creatures suddenly appeared in the Persian Gulf. Their appearance was strange and very different from human beings. They were like “Mermaid”. In a short period of time, the barbilun area was given their rule, and soon entered the stage of civilization, and a lot of knowledge and skills were taught by them.

Through the study of these creatures, it is believed that they are probably advanced civilizations in spacesuits, and the Sumerian civilization was born with their help. And in the Bible, there is a word called “Sam”, which is used to record some unsolved things such as “God”, “UFO”. Scientists believe that the Sumerian civilization is likely to be a colony of aliens, they came to the earth, dissatisfied with the status quo of the earth, and founded the Sumerian civilization. And chose Homo sapiens from the earth to inherit their knowledge.

Therefore, it can explain why Homo sapiens who do not have any advantages can spread to all corners of the world in a short time. And we’ve succeeded in destroying other species. Although the Sumerian civilization has entered its final stage, it is not comparable with the region where human beings live on the earth. Even to this day, human civilization is still unable to compete with it.

Some people think that although the aliens taught the Sumerian advanced cultural knowledge, they finally gave up the Sumerian civilization. So with the passage of time, these advanced knowledge was gradually forgotten, and the Sumerian civilization completely became history.

In the Bible, some people think that the recorded “Tongtian tower” is a spaceship taken by aliens when they came to earth. What do you think? Welcome to leave your comments in the comments section.

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