“Alien face” in Antarctica? Is there an alien base in Antarctica?

In order to find the trace of aliens, human beings have never stopped. Although we have not really seen aliens at present, there are still many people who believe that they really exist. Many conspiracy theorists believe that there are aliens hiding in a mysterious place on earth, and they even build research bases in this place. Some time ago, a strange thing happened in Antarctica. A clear face appeared on the thick glacier. Many people think that this is actually an alien.


Faces in Antarctica


This is a video spread on the Internet by a foreign netizen. Through the video, we can see that the place where the face appears is located in the south pole, and the outline of the face is clearly visible. Let alone an alien, it is very similar to human beings. It not only has a tall nose, but also has slender eyes. Many people feel strange after seeing this video. In many UFO sightings, Antarctica has always been shrouded in mystery. Some people think that in the distant past, Antarctica was still a world of birds and flowers. With the gradual separation from the continental plate, Antarctica seems to have become a place forgotten by human beings. In addition, the environment is harsh and the temperature is extremely low. If the aliens really want to live in Antarctica, they will not be able to live in Antarctica Come to the earth, then the south pole is the best protection.


Therefore, many UFO enthusiasts believe that the faces in Antarctica are actually aliens, but many rational netizens have put forward different views. After watching this video, they think that the people in Antarctica have nothing to do with aliens, and they are likely to be natural phenomena caused by natural environment or weathering. Maybe it is because of some coincidence that we recognize this phenomenon as human face.


This video has also attracted the attention of scientists. Although many netizens feel strange after seeing this video, there is a huge crack on the calm glacier, which may be caused by human visual deviation, some people put forward different views. If one person is wrong, it is understandable. So many people think it is alien How can a human face make sense?


Visual deviation


Scientists believe that in fact, this has a lot to do with the genes inherited by human beings. When we encounter this phenomenon in our daily life, maybe at a certain time, we will recognize the switch or bag zipper as human face. This is actually the ancestral feature preserved by human beings. Although the human face in Antarctica looks lifelike, we can judge it from a video only Starman is too lax.


So when we see such a video again, we must keep our own view. If aliens really come to the earth, it is impossible for human beings to be unaware of it, and it is impossible to appear in front of human eyes blatantly. What do you think is the face of Antarctica?

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