Alien like creatures exist in the deepest caves and are difficult to detect until now

Although our science has developed to a high level, there are still many miracles in the world that are difficult to understand or even explore. For example, what we want to talk about today are the two “bottomless holes” that our current technology cannot fully explore.

The first is the cave that has been proved so far, namely the kurubyala cave in Georgia. Of all the caves that have been detected in the world, the deepest one is 2197 meters. At the speed of the elevator we usually take, it takes at least 20 minutes to reach the bottom of the cave. Moreover, it is still deepening, and even scientists can’t predict how deep it will be in the future.

What’s interesting is that this cave is not like a common cave, but curved. Therefore, the exploration team can only explore step by step, and many professional cave exploration technology and equipment are useless here. Even the world’s top explorers can’t complete the bottom of the cave in one day. They need to camp in three places to get to the deepest place.

Compared with the cave introduced in the previous one, the latter one is really bottomless. Known as the Mammoth Cave, it is the most appropriate to describe it as “unfathomable”. So far, it is the deepest cave on earth, which can not be detected. It was not until 2006 that geologists measured the depth of the cave, but even if the depth of 600 km was detected, the bottom of the cave could not be detected. Moreover, the cave has been expanding deeper in the past few thousand years. It is still unknown where it will expand in the future and whether it will stop expanding.

Because it’s too deep, the depth of mammoth’s cave is endless darkness, so dark that you can’t see your fingers. However, even in this dark cave world, more than 200 kinds of rare animals have grown up, and even the creatures inside look like alien creatures. In order to survive underground better, many organisms are in the process of their own evolution. Kentucky blind fish, for example, have evolved over the past few thousand years to eliminate eyes that are not needed to survive at the bottom of caves.

In the dark, many creatures not only evolved unnecessary organs for a long time, but also could not survive on the ground because they had never been exposed to sunlight. For example, a colorless spider, because it has already adapted to the dark environment, will become a time bomb when it reaches the ground, and will explode at any time. In addition, there are many other creatures, like aliens, waiting for us to explore in the future.

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