“Alien mask” appears in Bulgaria in triangle shape. Who is the owner?

In the process of archaeology, scientists have made many unexpected discoveries. Whether it is murals in ancient times or mysterious civilization sites, there will always be some strange images. These things do not seem to be made by ancient human beings, but like the products of modern civilization, and even some images are related to alien civilization.


Alien mask


In 2020, scientists discovered a mask in Bulgaria, which is more than 6000 years old. The reason why it attracted scientists’ attention is that the shape of the mask is different from that of ordinary masks. The mask is like a sharp triangle, and it has only eyes and nose, but no mouth. This is very different from human facial shape Yes. According to the appearance of the aliens, it is likely that the mask was made by many people who came to the earth.


Some people think that this mask is probably an ornament at that time, which is related to the sacrificial form in the tribe. If it is really a mask, its shape is too small to compare with the palm of an adult. In addition, scientists have found that there are small holes on both sides of the mask, so it is likely that it is an ornament worn on people’s heads, which may be the totem of the tribe at that time. In fact, in addition to the mysterious masks in Bulgaria, there have been more mysterious masks in China, such as the bronze masks in Sanxingdui site.


Sanxingdui mask


In the 1980s, scientists excavated a large number of bronze relics in Sichuan Province. These bronze relics were 3000 to 5000 years ago. Many masks of different sizes appeared in these bronze relics. Until now, when we go to the exhibition hall of Sanxingdui Museum, we can still be shocked by such pictures. The shape of these masks is too exaggerated. The eyes of some masks protrude more than ten centimeters, while the ears of some masks extend more than ten centimeters. This is not human at all, but seems to be in line with the image of aliens.


Did aliens come to the earth long ago? The position of Sanxingdui site in Chinese culture should not be underestimated. Looking around the world, no site has ever unearthed such a large number of cultural relics. Scientists think that maybe it has nothing to do with aliens, it is likely to be a symbol of some ancient culture.


So even today, with the rapid development of science and technology, when we see the wisdom of the ancients again, we will sincerely sigh that we can better understand the times through these cultural relics. Why did people create such an image? These problems are still worthy of our consideration. Do you have any opinions?

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