Aliens are not “human beings” at all. Their way of life overturns our consistent thinking

The original universe is a dark, and then ushered in a loud noise, the birth of a new space. Now we are exploring the space in our imagination, and this is the space beyond our existence, we call it the universe!

Is there only us in the universe? Are we the only ones looking at the planets? Are there still foreigners? Today, scientists determine the answer in different ways. Some use large radios, some use space probes. What would it look like if we found life in outer space? Soft tissue? Or are the aliens we first met just machines launched into space? Their biological form disappeared millions of years ago. The world’s top scientists are looking for answers and aliens.

Countless people who can’t sleep are staring at the stars, looking forward to their appearance. There are hundreds of millions of planets in a galaxy; are there other life in hundreds of millions of galaxies in the universe? The fast-moving universe is elusive, but we are thinking about it. Not the earth, even the solar system, even the Milky way, is a drop in the ocean in the endless universe. Even in terms of probability, the probability of the existence of aliens in outer space is 100%.

But what if we had a chance to explore these planets? Just like us? Or is there an essential difference? These extraordinary creatures have little in common with our dreams, or do aliens exist?

Many people believe that aliens exist in space. At the beginning of 1955, two chemists at the University of Chicago were familiar with basic chemical phenomena and made amazing discoveries. Chemist Hillary Gary, his student Stanley Elmer, is looking for the prehistoric atmosphere. The researchers injected hydrogen, nitrogen and liquid water into the experiment and mixed them in a glass container. The chemical was placed in a common place, thought to be the early atmosphere of the earth.

They found that if you put all these objects in a container and provide some energy, you can see some image changes. They used electric current attack to simulate lightning attack, resulting in electrical fire, gate burned. When they began to analyze the research results, they found that there are many kinds of organic matter, some are organic macromolecules, some are organic small molecules.

Of course, organic molecules are essential to life. Mailer’s experiments showed that the earth’s early atmosphere could produce organic molecules and start chemical reactions. This reaction is limited to the earth. Nitrogen, hydrogen and water are rarely present at the same time in our solar system. And most scientists believe that the whole universe is like this.

Water is the key factor. Without water, this kind of chemical reaction is impossible. Water can easily dissolve substances, better than any other substances, so water is necessary for chemical reactions.

No matter what kind of harsh environment, there is liquid water on the earth, and any living things have liquid water. There’s a lot of water in the sea that the sun can’t touch. But life on earth also needs other elements, such as carbon, which is the first material on earth. No matter in the big park or anywhere else, all life forms are familiar to us. Life needs basic elements like carbon to store all kinds of energy, so it’s amazing that it can last a long lifeline.

But if there is other life in the galaxy, or on top of it, is that the truth? Which substances are based on water? DNA is the basic form of life. Will aliens be like us? Scientists are looking for answers about what aliens really look like. The genetic similarity between human and ape is 99%, only 1% difference, and only 1% difference results in the great difference between human and ape.

We can imagine that the universe is so vast, even if there are aliens, maybe their way of existence and form are completely different from our traditional cognition, which will completely subvert our consistent way of thinking.

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