Aliens are so fragile! Their immune systems can’t adapt to the earth, and colds can be fatal

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. government has set up a top secret alien investigation agency to cover up the truth of UFOs, while the U.S. and British governments have been deliberately concealing the truth about UFOs and alien creatures in the past half century. Those aliens have no immunity to the bacteria on earth, but the cold bacteria on earth can kill them.

Charles Hart, a retired US Air Force colonel who served as deputy commander at Bentwaters air force base, was one of many witnesses to the UFO incident in December 1980. Charles Hart said that the U.S. government has secretly set up an alien investigation agency! Nevertheless, the main task of this top secret “Investigation Agency” is to deal with the “third kind of contact” with aliens and to conceal the truth of UFO sightings from the public.

In the past half century, Hart and other senior retired US military officers have strongly accused the US and British governments of deliberately concealing the truth about the existence of UFOs and alien creatures. Hart said that he wrote a detailed and credible investigation report after seeing the randolsen forest UFO incident. However, among all the declassified documents about the incident released by the British government later, Hart was the only one. He believed that his investigation report was deliberately “concealed” by the government.

In his speech, retired US Air Force Colonel bill Coleman recalled his “intimate contact” with UFOs when he was a B-25 bomber pilot in 1955. When he flew the bomber over Alabama, the crew suddenly found a “UFO” like a circular flying saucer flying to the ground from an altitude of about 6000 meters. Coleman immediately turned and tried to catch up with the UFO.

“We increased the maximum power of the bomber, and when it was close to the ground, we would catch up, but it was gone,” Coleman recalled. The flying saucer rose rapidly and straightly for 450 meters. At this time, I saw the UFO flying low over the newly turned field at a very high speed. When Coleman tried to intercept the UFO, it disappeared from the crew’s view again with amazing speed.

“The plane is 23 meters in diameter and 4.5 meters thick at the center. There are no rivets, no portholes, no glass or any windows on the fuselage, just like a huge metal flying saucer,” Coleman said.

Retired US Army Col. Bob Flander, retired US Army Col. John Alexander and former UK defense UFO investigation officer Nick Pope also made speeches on UFO. They confirmed that the UFO they saw was a global phenomenon.

Some people asked, if UFOs and aliens do exist, why they have never had a “face-to-face” contact with most people on earth. Retired US Air Force Colonel Coleman explained the “hesitation” of aliens. He believes that this may be because aliens still lack immunity to bacteria on earth, while common cold bacteria on earth can kill them.

“If aliens land around us, our cold could kill them, and they could wipe out all the people on earth,” Coleman said. If they are smart enough to build spaceships that sail light years away, they must be smart enough to know that some common bacteria can also cause extinction in the absence of immunity.

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