Aliens coming to earth? U.S. airliner ran into a blue UFO, 140 meters in length!

The news of UFOs has been common. Since 2020, the probability of UFOs has become higher and higher. In fact, in addition to human witnesses, many planes have encountered UFOs in the process of driving. What we have to say is the incident of US West Airlines flight 564.

Flight 564 incident

This incident happened in 1995. A flight 564 started its journey. The destination of the plane is Las Vegas. The captain has rich flight experience. As the plane passed over bovina, Texas, the captain immediately noticed the thunder and lightning ahead. In order to ensure the safety of the journey, the two captains began to pay close attention to the weather changes. At this time, the co pilot suddenly had a surprise discovery, a huge UFO appeared in the cloud on the right side. The UFO is also emitting blue and white light. If you look carefully, the UFO has about eight rows of light bands. Because the visibility is too low, the UFO is also looming.

According to the visual observation of the two captains, the UFO stayed at an altitude of at least 10000 meters. Just as they were observing, a lightning flash passed through the sky, and the UFO began to appear clearly in front of them. The length of the UFO was about 140 meters, just like a huge black cigar, and there were many windows on the surface of the aircraft The two captains were not the only witnesses. Others on the flight also saw such a picture. Everyone began to talk about it. Did aliens really come to earth? Will aliens harm us?

Are aliens really here?

The captain immediately reported the phenomenon to the staff of the ground center and asked what the UFO was. However, the person in charge of the ground claimed that the UFO did stay in the air and did not move. They speculated that it was probably a suspended aircraft. The ground staff inquired about the higher authorities. They claimed that this might not be an ordinary aircraft. It was not long before the upper authorities claimed that no aircraft had been found in the sky. What is the matter?

The staff’s statement naturally won’t convince the witnesses. Although some people think it is likely to be a civil aircraft, how can the aircraft stay in the air for such a long time? It has been 25 years since the incident. Although the witnesses did not give a detailed explanation, there are still many conspiracy theorists trying to understand the incident, but the clues left by the incident are too few.

With so many sightings of UFOs, how many can be really explained? We can’t jump to the conclusion that these UFOs are alien aircrafts. What do you think?

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