Aliens coming to earth? Who left the mysterious characters on the Qinghai Tibet plateau?

Since the beginning of our exploration of the universe, human beings have been yearning for alien life. In many people’s cognition, alien life is real. They have science and technology that we can’t surpass. But after so many years, we haven’t really seen aliens. Although human exploration did not have much effect, it still did not dispel human confidence. On earth, there has been evidence that aliens are suspected to have come to earth.

I believe everyone has heard of Fermi’s paradox. According to Fermi, according to the scope of the universe detected by human beings, technological aliens exist, and the civilization of aliens is one million years earlier than that of human beings, which means that they have already discovered the existence of the earth and left many traces on the earth. If viewed from this aspect, suspected evidence has appeared in many corners of the earth. China’s Helan Mountain rock paintings have appeared on the alien and UFO patterns. In addition to Helan Mountain, mysterious characters have appeared on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau in China, which has caused a heated discussion. Many people even think that this place is left by aliens, and this place is Baigong mountain alien ruins.

Alien sites

This alien site is also a very famous tourist attraction. When we enter this site, we can also see five big words “alien site” carved on the stone tablet. Baigong mountain is the most prominent and straight peak in this area. If you don’t look carefully, it is like a Chinese pyramid, and its mystery can’t be explained. In addition to its shape, the reason why Baigong mountain attracts people’s attention is actually due to the mysterious symbols and consolation characters on the rock wall.

Mysterious iron pipe

Scientists have tried to decipher these characters, but they have no ideal effect. Therefore, some people think that these characters are the information left by aliens. If we can decipher them, we can find the existence of aliens. In addition to the mysterious words, scientists also found a mysterious iron pipe in the site. This iron pipe is 150000 years old, and it has a long history Inlaid in a cave in Baigong mountain, it seems to be formed naturally, and there are many iron pipes 40 meters away.

This phenomenon has attracted the attention of scientists. According to the composition analysis, this iron pipe is not a natural product. Did humans have mastered the technology of ironmaking 150000 years ago? Obviously, this is unlikely, so many people think that the secret of this iron pipe, perhaps only aliens can solve.

Some people think that according to the relics of Baigong mountain civilization, the terrain here is unique, and it is very conspicuous around. If the alien spaceship really comes to the earth, then this area is a good place to stay. Do you think aliens have ever been to this site?

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