Aliens have been watching the earth? Scientists point out that there are three major irrationalities in the solar system

With the development of science and technology, the understanding of the universe is increasing step by step, and for the solar system, mankind may not be alone. Recently, a special asteroid has appeared in the solar system.

The asteroid is very thin, only one tenth of its length in width. When it rotates every 7.3 hours, its brightness changes up to 10 times. Scientists explored it and thought it might be a space probe launched by aliens.

At the same time, scientists point out that there are three irrationalities in the solar system, so they speculate that there may be other advanced intelligent civilizations around us, or our existence may be controlled.

The first is unreasonable

After the birth of the universe, the sun appeared, because the sun has a very large mass and gravity, so it can gather mercury, Venus, earth, Mars and other planets in different orbits in the solar system.

These planets in orbit have their own characteristics, almost no commonality, and the distribution distance between them and the sun is also strange. For example, Jupiter and Saturn, which are gas planets with large mass, should be closer to the sun, but they are generally far away from the sun.

The second is unreasonable

The earth is “protected” by other planets. The moon is a satellite of the earth, “protecting” the earth for a complete cycle and operation, and once “Resisting” meteorites for the earth.

Jupiter is a gaseous planet with a relatively large mass, so its gravity is relatively strong. It has also “intercepted” meteorite “attacks for the earth. Scientists have found that without Jupiter’s interception, the earth would probably no longer exist.

Many planets in the universe are independent, so it seems that the existence of the earth is very special.

The third is unreasonable

Although the moon and the earth are very close, and they are all in the habitable zone of the solar system, the environment of the two planets is very different, and life can not survive on the moon at all.

The relationship between the earth and the moon is too complicated. Some scientists think that the relationship between the moon and the earth is a “mother child” relationship. The moon is born of the earth and is produced after the collision between the earth and other large planets.

Xiao Bian thinks that I don’t know whether aliens exist, whether we have received the threat and control of aliens, or whether the earth has received the protection of alien life.

But I would rather believe that there are, because the universe is vast, there should be planets with the same conditions for life on earth. Advanced intelligent life (aliens) may exist, and it is very possible to visit the earth.

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