Aliens kidnap humans? What happened to pascalgula in 1973?

For a long time, there have been rumors about the existence of aliens in other parts of the universe, and the Pascal Gula incident shows this point. Many people, like Xiaobian, will be very curious about aliens. They want to know what kind of species they are and why they come to us. Now, Xiaobian will take you into another world to see what kind of mystery these alien species can bring us.

Hickson, 42, is the head of a shipyard in pascalgula, Mississippi. On the night of October 11, 1973, he and his friend and colleague Parker were fishing in an abandoned dock. All of a sudden, there was a buzz behind them. Hickson turned around and found an object hanging 60 to 90 cm above the ground, while the unknown object was 30 meters near their fishing dock.

The blue light is the unidentified object on the gray Rugby dome, which is about the size of a big truck. On the fuselage of the flying object, there are two big blue objects, like lights, making a buzzing noise. There are three big aliens floating out of this object. They have no neck, gray skin, wrinkles, small ears, narrow eyes, a slot like a slot under the nose, sharp fingers, no toes, and two feet seem to be connected.

The aliens glide towards them, one of them making a mechanical sound, the other two not. One of them floats up to pike and touches him with his hand. Pascal Gula’s sudden appearance makes pike faint. In addition, Hickson was caught in flight by two other aliens. He felt unconscious then. On the wall, a big eye appeared, which seemed to be checking him. Then the big eye disappeared on the wall, and the aliens left him, as if they were coming towards him.

Twenty minutes later, big eyes came back and examined him again. Hickson tried to talk to it, but his big eyes just made a short buzz and kept looking, ignoring him. After a long time, he saw pike alone by the dock, terrified, terrified. It tried to climb to peck, wake up peck, wait for it to slow down, the alien disappeared long ago.

It is understood that after the incident, some local experts asked about it, but no credible evidence was found.

Xiaobian thinks that aliens must exist. Maybe they live beside us, but we still don’t know. Their civilization level is higher than ours, and all kinds of technologies we can’t achieve now, so we can’t grasp the evidence of their existence. What do you think of this? Do you think aliens exist?

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