Aliens lurking around us? People of this blood type may be descendants of aliens

Whether “extraterrestrials” really exist has always been controversial. Nevertheless, many people claim that they have seen aliens, or even been hijacked by aliens, and have had a relationship, but all these are only one-sided statements. After all, there is no substantial evidence to prove that aliens really exist, but human beings have found many traces of aliens on earth again.

In addition to the four common blood groups (a, AB, B and o), a separate human blood group is RH. This Rh factor refers to the blood factor of rhesus monkey. Recently, the alien research center received an email from a mysterious organization, which showed that people with this blood type are descendants of aliens. This is a rhesus monkey Rh blood group. Over the years, studies have shown that the central team of Harvard Medical School has found that rhesus monkey factor, a blood group deficiency, is a protein substance existing in human red blood cells.

Theoretically, people with rhesus Rh negative blood group are all aliens. Others think that they are angels falling from the sky, or that they belong to aliens from other spaces. Obviously, people with rhesus negative blood groups are very special.

Of these people, about 85% were positive for RH, but the remaining 15% were negative. Through the study of genetics, scientists have found that humans can only inherit what their ancestors have, and we can get thousands of combinations of characteristics from our ancestors, and these characteristics are inseparable.

If humans and apes had a common ancestor, blood would have evolved in the same way. Other primates in the world have this kind of positive Rh factor, but the RH negative people have very strange blood sources.

Because the transmission of blood factors is more accurate than any other traits, if all human beings are the same group and have the same ancestor, hemolysis will not appear in human infants.

Hemolysis is an allergic symptom caused by the production of antibodies in the maternal blood to eliminate foreign invaders that are usually used to fight the virus but cause harm to infants. But the mother’s body will refuse to give birth to children, such a thing naturally will not happen.

No one has tried to explain where people with Rh negative blood groups come from, and most people familiar with blood groups believe that RH negative blood groups are the result of mutations. However, studies have confirmed that RH negative blood can not be naturally produced on earth, so people have been on a wrong research path for many years.

In addition, there are some very similar things in RH negative people. People with Rh negative blood group usually have high IQ, concentration, supernatural events or dream empathy. Moreover, in appearance, the vast majority of people are red and white, black hair shining, and their blood pressure is generally very low, especially the ribs and spine, as well as unexplained physical trauma.

These questions are questionable, but it is not clear whether the RH negative blood is the offspring of aliens, but there are various signs that the source of this blood type is very strange. So scientists have to speculate that they may have come from organisms outside the earth.

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