All kinds of signs show that there have been advanced civilizations on the earth, and human beings are far inferior to them

So far, the earth has a history of more than 4 billion years. Before human beings, dinosaurs dominated the earth, but this period is still a blank between human beings and dinosaurs. There are many relics on the earth, including the pyramids of the Mayan civilization, the stone statues of Easter Island, and Stonehenge in Britain. These phenomena are superficial and exist in the advanced intelligent civilization after dinosaurs and before human beings.

As far as these buildings are concerned, although they are not as civilized as human beings, they are no less civilized than human beings. After all, in ancient times, it was not easy to build such buildings. In a sense, this should be the place where these civilizations sacrificed.

Stonehenge, located in the UK, looks like a pile of scattered boulders, but in fact each Boulder has its own rules. When combined, in the early morning of the summer solstice, when the sun just rises, the main axis will match the shadow of the sun. At the sunset of the winter solstice, there are also two lines pointing to the direction. Therefore, these boulders are not randomly arranged.

According to research, these stonehenges weigh 50 tons, and some of them are still placed on them. It is understood that Stonehenge was built more than 4000 years ago. In the stone age, such buildings could have been built, which is consistent with the summer solstice and winter solstice. This is absolutely not a coincidence, but astronomy has reached a new height. In addition, according to the intensity of its summer solstice and winter solstice sunlight, it is speculated that it should be the place to hold what kind of ceremony.

According to statistics, there are more than 1000 giant stone statues on Easter Island. These statues were abandoned nearby after being destroyed. Among them, the shortest one is 7 meters, the highest one is 9 meters, the lightest one is 30 tons, and the heaviest one is 90 tons. What’s more amazing is that all the giant stone statues are facing the sea, just like a ceremony, and these giant stone statues are carved from a whole stone without any splicing phenomenon.

According to the archaeologists’ investigation of the surrounding environment, it is found that there are no raw materials around these stone statues. In other words, these stone statues are carved from other places and then transported to other places. However, Chileans found in an interview that these stone statues are not gods they worship, and they do not know what they are used for.

It is these mysterious stone statues that make archaeologists have a headache, because they are all pulled vertically, so they are very damaged and thrown aside. Although the purpose of these stone statues is not clear, according to ancient practice, they should be used as places of sacrifice.

The key point is the remains of the Maya people. The most amazing thing in the Maya civilization is that many remains have been left. However, for the remains of the Maya people, they have never been found. It can be said that they can’t see their buildings or people. There is no more famous Mayan civilization than their predictions. There are five predictions left, four of which have been confirmed, with an accuracy rate of 80%. What a terrible number!

There is nothing more mysterious than their study of astronomy. The Mayan civilization calculated the rotation periods of Venus and the earth thousands of years ago, and even the rotation periods of the mysterious planet drow Venus. But so far, scientists have not really found the existence of this planet. So some people speculate that this planet is actually the revolution date of the planet where the Maya originally lived. It was only because this planet was destroyed that they fled to live on this planet.

In fact, there are far more relics left on the earth. There is also a mysterious relic by the lake of Peru. In this relic, the hydrolysis and shaping process of molten rocks are even found. There are also two billion year old reactor fossils, 400 million year old gear fossils and 300 million year old screw fossils found in Africa. If one is coincidence, and the other two are coincidence, then many things are not coincidence. All kinds of signs show that before human beings, there were highly intelligent civilizations on the earth, and their intelligence level was comparable with that of human beings.

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