Amazon’s top overlord, can release 600 V voltage, can be called the “natural enemy” of piranha!

Piranha dare not provoke marine life, can release 600 V voltage, encounter to hide!

Human beings are the most emotional intelligent life on earth. It is mainly because human beings have consciousness and can produce emotions. Emotions will change with the change of mood. When they meet happy people or things, it is difficult to suppress the joy in their hearts. The opposite word of joy is fear. Everyone is fighting against fear, especially in the face of death. It is impossible to say that there is no fear. Dying is the closest moment to hell. If you lose your breath, you will leave the world completely.

In this age of the law of the jungle, the strong will always cut through the thorns, the weak will be vulnerable, and the loser will end up in a particularly tragic situation. In fact, some people are born in the dark, and some people live in the light for a long time, so some people see the fluctuation in their inner life. To put it bluntly, fear itself. Almost all creatures in nature have natural enemies. When facing these natural enemies, the first reaction is to escape as soon as possible and avoid direct contact with them. Piranha dare not provoke marine life, can release 600 V voltage, encounter to hide!

What are the natural enemies of piranhas?

Everyone must have heard of the piranha. It belongs to a social animal with amazing teeth bite force. Once the target is locked, it can be caught as soon as possible. They can eat up a huge prey very quickly. In the Amazon River, there are natural enemies of piranhas. When piranhas see it, they have to hide. It is the electric eel. Many people are surprised that the surface aggressiveness of the electric eel is not as high as that of the piranha. Why is the piranha afraid of it?

The environment of the ocean is extremely complex. Even many low-level animals have their own skills. There are crises everywhere. The electric eel has a slender and agile body, and its speed is like an arrow. It has a frightening killer, which is voltage. While catching prey, its body will release a large amount of voltage, which can stun the prey. It is extremely difficult to have this ability. On the contrary, it can stimulate the potential of the body in adversity.

The reason why electric eel is powerful

According to the investigation of scientists, a small electric eel can release a voltage of 600 volts, which is its best weapon. It can not only hunt down the creatures in the ocean without fear, but even human beings may not be its opponent, so that it has become the top killer in the Amazon River. Even the arrogant piranha will give up after seeing the electric eel.

When scientists studied the electric eel, they found that it has amazing living habits, which is related to the long evolution. It did not have such powerful lethality at the beginning, but it took 200 million years to acquire such powerful skills through six evolutions. Many creatures are weak at the beginning. In order to adapt to the environment and survive, they have to change their body functions and keep practicing. Only in this way can they continue to survive. In fact, all creatures in nature are closely linked and intertwined. Every creature has its natural enemies. Who are the natural enemies of human beings? You can leave a message for interaction.

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