American farmers say they have seen aliens and received alien pancakes! But is it really the case?

Many people think that aliens have come to the earth, and there have been many UFO incidents in history. These UFOs may be alien spaceships. There are also some witnesses who claim to have seen aliens and communicate with them, but they don’t leave any image information, so the authenticity is greatly reduced. Just a while ago, a chicken farmer in the United States disclosed to the media that he had met aliens, and the aliens also sent him interstellar pancakes. Is this true?

Claiming to have seen aliens

The chicken farmer’s name is Simonton. He claimed that he had seen aliens in 1961. At that time, he was still at his farm in Wisconsin. It was noon when he was busy in the garden of the farm. Suddenly, he saw a huge object in the garden and the sound of a deafening tire. When he looked closer, he found that there was a noise on the ground A metal flying object similar to UFO has been developed. He told the media that the shape of the unidentified object was like two inverted bowls with exhaust pipes beside the aircraft. At this time, three thin figures came down from the aircraft, wearing black clothes and helmets.

Star pancakes

The next scene made Simonton even more stunned. The aliens were begging for water from themselves. The alien took out a metal kettle from the spaceship. Simonton quickly filled the kettle with water and gave it to the alien again. At this time, the alien gave Simonton some food as a gift in return. Simonton saw that there were many cooking utensils inside the spaceship, but there was no fire in the cooking utensils. It was like the aliens were making pancakes with their superpowers. At that time, this matter also spread to UFO experts, and the US air force once sent a scientist to study it.

When scientists took one of the pancakes to the laboratory, they found that the pancakes were no different from human pancakes, but the wheat used was an unknown type on earth. If it’s just Simonton’s lie, how can he get the wheat? Therefore, many people think that what Simonton said is not false, but real.

It’s been many years, and we can’t verify it any more. There are different opinions about this incident. Some people think that what Simonton said is the scene of science fiction movies. How can aliens, as highly intelligent life, cook human food?

If we think about it carefully, we will find that there are too many news about alien languages in the United States. Many conspiracy theorists think that this may not be a coincidence. Maybe aliens themselves do not exist. Those endless UFOs may just be secret weapons. I don’t know what you think?

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