American fires are getting worse, and the sky is turning blood red. This is not a special effect of science fiction!

American fires are getting worse, and the sky is turning blood red. This is not a special effect of science fiction!

An autumn rain and a cold, most of the domestic areas have felt the coolness of autumn, but many netizens said that this summer has not felt the extreme high temperature, feeling particularly short, it has ended. However, in fact, many other parts of the world are suffering from high temperature. The reason why they feel particularly cool this year is that there is relatively more precipitation, which alleviates the drought and heat in summer. At the other end of the world, the fire in the United States has never stopped since this year, and the high temperature heat wave is one after another, and the fire is even more serious Endless, has formed a vicious circle, so now the fire situation in the United States? What are the serious impacts on the United States and even the world?

American fires are getting worse

When the fire was first reported, it was the California fire in the United States. In fact, in addition to this area, many surrounding areas were affected by the fire, such as Oregon, Nevada and so on, and many areas were particularly serious. The causes of these fires are also different, some are caused by man-made, some are caused by bad weather, such as lightning. In the middle of August, in a short period of 72 hours, 11000 times of lightning were detected, resulting in an instant increase of more than 300 fires, houses were burned down, and most residents were displaced.

In fact, since July, the fires in the west of the United States have become more and more intense. The scale is quite large. Millions of acres of forest have been burned down. After September, the fires have become more and more intense, and there is no sign of stopping. The once blue sky has been dyed red, just like the end of the world. This scene is not a special effect in a science fiction movie, but is being staged in the United States at this moment. According to incomplete statistics, at least 200000 people left their homes because of the fire. More than 14000 firefighters are fighting the mountain fire. Fortunately, the number of casualties has not increased significantly.

The global environment will be affected

Seeing this, many people may gloat and feel that the situation in the United States is deserved. In fact, the occurrence of these fires affects not only the American region, but also the global ecological environment. It can be seen from the satellite that at a distance of 150 km from the ground, obvious smog has appeared, which is in sharp contrast to the surrounding white and blue stars. These grayish yellow smog constantly floats in the air, and the local pollution index soars.

These dust fumes will not only gather over the United States, but will wander around the world with ocean currents and climate change. As a living entity living together on the earth, the earth is like a boat carrying all human beings. If one party has an accident, the boat may drown at any time, which also shows the community of human destiny.

This is not all. What’s more worrying is that due to the emergence of fires and the intensified global warming this year, local high temperatures have occurred in the United States. The temperature near death valley is as high as 54.4 degrees Celsius, and fires are more likely to occur in the case of high temperature and drought. This seems to have entered a vicious circle. What do you think of the end of the world fire in the United States?

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