American fires continue to burn, smoke spread to Europe, the size of 16 New York?

September has come to an end, and many countries are still suffering from high temperatures. Since August, the forest fires in the United States have been burning more and more vigorously, and so far there is no sign of stopping. The reason why the fire is so strong is due to the rising temperature. Since this year, the Arctic circle has broken the high temperature of 38 degrees, and the local temperature in the United States has also broken 51 degrees. Such a high temperature is undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire. According to the latest data, the fire has destroyed 3.3 million acres of forest, equivalent to 16 New York.

Swiping pictures of the United States

Some time ago, the microblog was swiped by the pictures of California fire, and New York and Washington did not escape the bad luck. The blue sky is orange, and even in the daytime, people are enveloped in the orange red sky. A lot of dust with the wind continues to spread, rampant to every corner, many people think this is simply the film’s “doomsday scene.”. The damage caused by the fire goes far beyond that. There is no sign that the fire has been extinguished so far. Although it has broken the highest record of fire area, I am afraid this record will continue to be refreshed.

Spread area of fire

Since August, there have been two tropical storms over California. These two tropical storms have directly brought thousands of lightning flashes and thunders. A large number of lightning strikes the forest, causing fires in the dry and hot environment. The small fire broke out into a prairie fire and began to ravage the whole mountain forest. Since the fire broke out, firefighters have never stopped. With the arrival of September, the high temperature continued, leading to the second round of forest fires, the spread area has exceeded 700 square kilometers.

Although the government and people have not stopped, the fire is still not obviously controlled. Forest fires break out every year in the United States. Why are there so many fires this year?

Causes of continuous combustion in fire

Scientists think it has a lot to do with climate change in recent years. The Mediterranean climate in the United States leads to high temperature and dryness in summer. A large number of forests are hidden explosion points. A little Mars is enough to burn the whole forest. In such a climate, the global temperature is still rising, which undoubtedly aggravates the high temperature situation in the United States. The fire is still raging in the United States, but according to the latest data of Europe, the smoke wrapped in a large amount of dust has drifted across the sea into Europe, and the sky of some European countries is also covered with orange red, which is undoubtedly an alarm for all mankind.

Human behavior is the most important reason why the fire is so rampant. If it wasn’t for a lot of carbon dioxide emissions into the air, these fires would not have developed to such a large scale. If this fire is not effectively controlled, it will affect the global climate, and all mankind will have to pay for their own behavior. What do you think?

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