American girls spend 1 million dollars to implant a pair of wings in order to fly into the sky. What’s the matter now?

Since ancient times, human beings have a beautiful yearning for the sky. When we look up at the sky, we always envy the free flying birds. In the popular myth, immortals can fly freely in the air. Nowadays, with the improvement of science and technology, human beings can also go to space with the help of spacecraft. It can be said that human’s flying dream has finally come true, but to a certain extent, human beings are not so good. When they fly into the sky, there is a woman abroad who hopes to realize her flying dream and has implanted a pair of wings into her body.

This woman is from America. Since childhood, she has a space dream. If wings grow on her body, she can roam in the sky. It doesn’t need a plane or a train. It only needs a pair of wings to realize instant transfer and go wherever you want. When she grew up, she had a certain economic strength. In order to realize her flying dream, she found a doctor, hoping that the doctor could implant a pair of wings into her body.

American girl’s wings

After hearing her request, the doctor refused her request for the first time. After all, this is a very risky operation. No one can guarantee what will happen next after the implantation of wings. If the infection is caused by the implantation of wings, the gain is not worth the loss. After the woman paid $1 million, the doctor considered the pros and cons and decided to implant a pair of wings for her. The whole operation process is relatively successful. The wings grow out of her body, and can contract freely under her control. At the beginning, the woman was also happy to realize her flying dream, but soon she found that her flying dream was shattered.

What happened to her?

It turns out that although the wings look very beautiful, they can’t fly to the sky, which has a great impact on their own life. In sleep, where to put the big wings has become a headache. As the doctor said, in a period of time after the operation, her body was infected. For her own safety, she decided to remove the wings by surgery.

After seeing this woman’s experience, many people are puzzled that human beings can’t grow wings in the process of evolution. If we intervene in the process of evolution through our own strength, the final cost must be unbearable.

Although her flying dream has not come true, she dares to try and break the rules in order to fulfill her dream. Such courage is worth learning from everyone. In the future, human beings may be able to create high-tech artificial wings, with the help of which flight can be realized. What do you think?

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