American satellite! “Sea giant” is approaching China, which is equivalent to 1000 Hong Kong!

In recent years, natural disasters are more and more frequent. After 2020, the world seems to be shrouded in all kinds of disasters. After seeing this year’s situation, many people also associate it with the prediction of the Maya. Is this year really a precursor to the end of the world? The year 2020 has come to an end. Just when you want to relax, the US satellite has captured such a picture that the 8th continent appears near Asia and is approaching China.

The Eighth Continent

The satellites of the United States have been monitoring the movement of this continent. I believe many people are surprised. Why is the Eighth Continent born on earth? Why does this continent move to China? From the photos taken by satellite, we can see that the 8th continent is not a real continent. Its real identity is tens of millions of tons of garbage, just like a fierce “sea beast”. With the movement of the earth plate and ocean current, the 8th continent is approaching China and Japan. At present, the area of this garbage mainland has reached 1.4 million square kilometers, equivalent to 1000 Hong Kong and four Japan, and its total weight has reached 4 million tons.

Seeing this figure, Xiaobian is also very shocked. This is actually the result of the development of human civilization, which is enough to see that human behavior has caused too much damage to the natural environment. Of course, this is not the final area of the garbage continent. With the development of human civilization, the area of the Eighth Continent is still increasing. In just 10 years, its area has tripled. Scientists have predicted that this continent will be nine times larger in 10 years.

How did the Eighth Continent come into being?

According to the data of scientists, human beings produce hundreds of millions of tons of garbage every year. Where does the garbage in this garbage continent come from? Scientists have made special statistics that 10% of the fishing nets and other tools discarded by fishermen during fishing, and 10% of the garbage lost by cargo ships of various countries, while the majority of the garbage on land. Every day, human beings produce a large amount of domestic waste, which is discharged into the sea through sewers and other ways. Over time, it will gather together to form a “sea monster”.

Although the garbage continent is currently located in the waters between Hawaii and California, it is still speeding up its approach to China. This is not a good omen for our country. This garbage continent carries a lot of bacteria and viruses. If it enters China’s waters, it will pose a great threat to the survival of our people.

Not only will it damage the health of our people, but also the surrounding marine life will die because of the change of the environment. This marine giant has become the focus of Chinese scientists’ attention. What do you think?

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