American scientists, despite Hawking’s advice, decided to take the initiative to attract alien civilization!

Looking back on history, from the past to the present, the whole human civilization has experienced ups and downs. During this period, mankind has gone through countless spring and Autumn Periods, and has gone through various times before it ushered in today’s strong science and technology and artificial intelligence.

Now people’s quality of life and happiness index have improved a lot compared with the previous days. Not only the country, but also people pay more and more attention to the development and progress of science and technology, because they all know that the changes brought by science and technology are huge and can affect an era, and the rapid development of science and technology has also brought many inevitable results.

The more people know, the more curious they are. When human beings have not stepped out of the earth, they are no longer limited to the earth and look at the mysterious universe. With the steps of human beings, when they step on the land of the moon for the first time, their mood is unspeakable. While they are happy and excited, they also discover the huge unknown of the universe and the small earth like sand.

With the gradual improvement of science and technology, people’s understanding of the universe is becoming more and more extensive. While scientists are studying, they also begin to look for alien life intentionally, curious and worried. Although the earth in the vast universe is like a drop in the ocean, there is no second “living” millet. And worried that if extraterrestrial life is really discovered, if the other side is full of hostility, will it lead to a war that will destroy civilization?

Scientists’ idea itself is contradictory, plus the great physicist Hawking once said: don’t take the initiative to provoke alien life! Don’t signal into space! For the sake of mankind as a whole, this is right, and has been agreed and implemented by scientists, because no one knows the attitude of alien life towards other life. To be able to find another kind of intelligent life in the vast universe is not so lonely for human beings, but it is good to live in harmony. What if the other party has the sense of aggression?

In the United States, there is a research team at MIT, whose ideas are very different from those of other scientists. They put forward a very radical idea: since we can’t confirm and find the existence of alien life with our current technology, then we will let the aliens come to us on their own initiative! They think from the moon in the sky that if we use super intense laser technology to expose the earth in the dark universe, we can achieve the desired effect. They think that we can find aliens in this way. Then the researchers published this bold idea in a famous foreign academic journal. Although most people opposed it, a small number of people strongly supported it, causing a strong difference and sensation.

Even if human beings carry out this radical plan, whether they can be discovered by extraterrestrial life is still unknown. It’s an unknown for all of humanity, but it’s definitely not good news. Friends, what do you say?

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