American scientists found “mysterious” buildings in Antarctica, and unknown characters. Whose masterpiece is it?

Since the last century, we have entered the process of searching for aliens. Many people have such a view that Antarctica is a place where extraterrestrial life frequently occurs. This view is not groundless. Up to now, people still know little about Antarctica. Except for scientists and a few explorers who come here every year, human beings have no idea what kind of creatures exist in the Antarctic continent.

Mysterious architecture in Antarctica?

Speaking of human exploration of aliens, I believe many people will think of the United States. Since the last century, there have been too many UFO incidents over the United States. A female reporter named Linda once investigated the UFO incident in the United States. In 2018, she received a mysterious email, in which she mentioned that there was an alien civilization in Antarctica . The informant of this email claimed that he was a commando in the United States. In 2003, he went to Antarctica to carry out a mission, which was absolutely confidential, because a huge building was suspected to appear in Antarctica.

The informant claimed that the reason why he went to carry out this task was that with the rise of global temperature, Antarctic glaciers had begun to melt, and many countries had established scientific research bases in Antarctica. At that time, the US scientific research station found that a corner of the building suddenly appeared. They thought that maybe there was a secret deep in the south pole, so the scientists decided to enter the building under the protection of professionals.

Mysterious stone gate

The informants claimed that the mysterious building was hidden under the huge ice. The gate of the building was 15 meters deep from the ground. When they came closer, they found it unlocked, as if they were waiting for human discovery. Sure enough, with a little push, the researchers opened this mysterious door. However, when they entered the door, they were shocked by the phenomenon in front of them. In the interior of the building, there are not only many mysterious words, but also dazzling light. They will never forget this phenomenon in this life.

In addition, the informant also said that during his mission, he saw unidentified aircraft appear over the mountains of Antarctica. These unidentified aircraft are very fast and are not made by human beings at all. If what the informant said is true, does it mean that extraterrestrial life has come to the earth?

In fact, this is not the first time that such a mysterious rumor has appeared in Antarctica. In 2004, American pilots discovered that many aircraft had appeared over Antarctica, but later disappeared into the ocean. This is a document from Wikileaks, whose authenticity can be guaranteed. If we want to solve the secrets of Antarctica, we need to explore more. I don’t know what you think?

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