American scientists who were frozen 53 years ago have not yet thawed. Is human body freezing a hoax?

On January 12, 1967, American scientist James Bedford became the first human being to be “frozen”. He suffered from gastric cancer. Before he died, he made a will and asked him to keep his body frozen after his death. He hoped that in the future, he would be able to “thaw” and put in the disease to be reborn.

Is this “frozen person” different from what you think? In fact, the human body freezing that Bedford accepted in those years, including the present human body freezing, was only carried out after the death of the frozen person. They would be drained of blood, then injected into the blood vessels with a protective agent that prevents cells from freezing at low temperatures and causing cell rupture, and then stored in ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius.

But at present, there are at least three problems that can not be solved in order to thaw and resurrect Bedford’s body.

First, 53 years ago, the human body freezing technology was not as advanced as modern technology, especially the operation time was long. The brain of “frozen people” has exceeded the golden freezing period within three hours of the death of the body. Therefore, the possibility that human cells will be completely intact and frozen is very low.

Second, the current science and technology are not sure to thaw the frozen cells completely without damage. Therefore, the “frozen people”, including Bedford, can only place their hopes on the power of science and technology in the future, hoping that in the future full of unlimited possibilities, they can be “thawed and revived” again, and cure their incurable diseases.

Third, we do not have the medical conditions to overcome gastric cancer. Even if the first two steps are OK, gastric cancer can not be cured after thawing.

Therefore, although the “frozen man” project has passed for more than half a century, the scientific community still has not succeeded in thawing any frozen man, but the reason why the number of “frozen man” continues to grow.

In modern science fiction, “human hibernation and wake-up technology” often appears. Liu Cixin, a famous science fiction writer in China, once praised human hibernation technology in “three bodies” and called it “the first upright walk of human beings in time”, while foreign science fiction “2001 Space Odyssey”, “Avatar” and “Star Trek” all regard human hibernation technology as a new technology “A symbol of long-term interstellar navigation.”. In the final analysis, compared with the irregular “freezing” in nature, “hibernation” is indeed universal.

Can future human beings reach the “life state” with extremely low metabolism level, just like the “hibernating species” by means of science and technology?

NASA has seriously studied this problem, because in the case of a breakthrough in aerospace propulsion technology, the best solution is undoubtedly to let the astronauts “hibernate” for half a year and go to Mars directly. In this way, not only can we save a lot of life support resources for a foothold in Mars, but also can avoid all kinds of psychological and physical problems that may occur to the astronauts.

Although this program is very good, the current research on hibernation and freezing is not very smooth. If human beings want to hibernate, they have to face the following problems.

The first is that “hibernation” requires weight loss. Polar bears are also warm blooded animals. They lose 30% of their body weight in the first quarter of hibernation. However, if humans are going on a star trek for several years, their body weight is not enough to maintain consumption.

Secondly, we all know that if the human body does not exercise for a long time, there will be problems such as muscle atrophy. Then, even if human beings can successfully “wake up” at that time, only the brain can move, but other parts of the body can’t move.

Then, the technical difficulty of human body freezing and thawing is how to keep cells intact and ready to repair cells at any time. But the problem is, if you can repair cells directly, isn’t it a better choice to directly “clone body parts”? Why bother to study hibernation and freezing!

Although there are many problems at present, Xiaobian still believes that with the continuous development of human science and technology, especially medicine, there will be a qualitative leap in freezing and thawing technology in the future, and the human world will be completely changed in science and technology.

Do you also believe that human science and technology can do it? If human hibernation technology or human freezing technology can be realized, would you like to stay in the moment? Welcome to comment area.

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