Among the five kinds of ancient creatures living in China, one is still living today, and the other is like a toy dinosaur

On the earth where we live, the unknown creatures always have great charm for us. Mysterious deep-sea creatures, unknown species whose tracks are hard to find, and ferocious and huge prehistoric creatures. Today, Xiao Bian will take you to take an inventory of five kinds of ancient creatures that once lived in China. One is still there, and the other is like a toy dinosaur.

1. Meilong

When it comes to dinosaurs, we think of adjectives like giant, ferocious and terrifying, but Meilong is going to subvert your world outlook! The size of Meilong is similar to that of ducks. Meilong was discovered by archaeologists in Liaoning Province in 2004. At that time, this Meilong fossil is very well preserved, and it is a small one curled up to sleep. It’s the smallest dinosaur ever found. The picture below looks like a toy dinosaur?

2. Near bird Dragon

Ornithosaurus is the earliest known feathered dinosaur, and it is also the first time to be found in Liaoning, China. Xiaobian has to sigh that Liaoning Province is really a gathering place of paleontology! The size of the cage is also very small, only about 0.3 meters. According to scientists, its feathers are gorgeous and beautiful. It lived in the late Jurassic. Moreover, ornithosaurus was very close to modern birds, which established a certain connection between dinosaurs and birds.

3. Tachypleus chinensis

See this name, many people may not know it! The word you don’t know says “U”. Horseshoe crab (Tachypleus tridentatus) is a very old creature, which appeared earlier than dinosaurs, and now also exists in China, Philippines and other Asian countries. But the number has been relatively small, is China’s second class protected animals. Tachypleus tridentatus has the reputation of “living fossil”. It can survive on the earth for hundreds of millions of years. It is really a kind of creature that adapts to the nature!

4. Achilles monkey

The monkey lived in Asia more than 50 million years ago. In 2008, famous paleontologist Ni Xijun discovered its fossil in Hubei Province. Achilles monkey’s size is also very mini, body length is only 7cm, weight is only 20g, not an egg! But despite its small size, this monkey is the world’s first primate.

5. Chinese Jurassic

Yes, our Jurassic fossils were also found in Liaoning Province. Its appearance makes people know the Cretaceous more clearly, and advances the Cretaceous by 35 million years. In addition, the Jurassic mammal of China is also the earliest mammal. It can be said that its emergence caused a stir in geology and paleontology.

Which of the five creatures above impresses you most? What paleontology do you know that once lived on the land of China? Welcome to leave a message

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