An 8-year-old prophet, he has predicted the earth three times, the last one is related to China!

With the change of social concept, more and more people’s thoughts have changed. We can see the predictions of constellation fortune everywhere when we open the Internet. These predictions also represent human yearning for the future. Of course, most of the constellation predictions are relatively accurate. In fact, in addition to constellation prediction, there have been many forecasters on the Internet. They not only predicted the future of human beings and the earth, but also surprisingly, some of them actually performed. Do forecasters really exist?

edgar cayce

There is a prophet in the world called the sleeping demigod. His name is Edgar Casey. Since he was a child, he has shown that he is different from other children. He can see all kinds of illusions. He once claimed that he saw angels. Since then, he has a super ability to help human beings analyze the situation and predict the future in their sleep. He has made more than 14400 predictions in his life, and it’s amazing that many of them actually happened. He once predicted the date of his death and interpreted the origin of human beings. He claimed that when human beings appeared, we were not the original inhabitants of the earth, but came to the earth from other planets.

Mars boy

In fact, in addition to Edgar Casey’s prophecy, there is also an 8-year-old prophet. Although he is young, he has made shocking remarks. At the age of 8, he once announced to his parents and the world that he was not a native inhabitant of the earth, but a Martian. At this point, everyone must have guessed who he is. He is the Martian boy born in 1996. He was born in an ordinary small town in Russia. He has an extraordinary intelligence since childhood and has become a local famous child prodigy. When other children are still playing with mud, he has been able to express his views on astronomy and the universe.

Two predictions

He claimed that he had to take a spaceship to take refuge on the earth because of a disaster on Mars. He has made three predictions on the earth, and it is shocking that the first two predictions have been verified, but will the third disaster really happen? He once predicted that the earth would have a relatively big disaster in 2011, and then there would be a second disaster. These two disasters are related to floods. When we look back at history, we will find that the two disasters he said are the floods in Thailand and the United States.

The third prophecy

The third prediction he left is that mankind will face a relatively big disaster in 2020, when a Chinese “Guardian God” will appear on the earth. When he put forward these three predictions, he disappeared in the human vision, and no one has seen him since. Now that many years have passed, why did the Martian boy’s prediction reappear in front of mankind? In fact, it’s because you are worried after seeing this year’s situation, the change of extreme climate and the rampant epidemic situation, all of which seem to show that Mars boy’s prediction has been verified again.

In fact, Xiaobian can also understand these people’s worries. After all, 2020 is extraordinary and can be recorded in history. Scientists once did lie detection when Martian boy was very popular, but they didn’t find any clue in him, which has become a controversy for many people. Some people think that this is just a little boy’s fantasy, others think that Mars boy is a real prophet. But after all, he is only an 8-year-old child. Human beings always don’t care about children’s jokes. This event has gradually faded out of human vision. With the disappearance of the South China Sea of Mars, human beings have gradually forgotten about it.

In fact, when we think about it carefully, we will find that the earth’s environment is different from the past. Even if many forecasters make predictions about the future of the earth, they are just sitting in the right place with the change of the earth’s environment. Therefore, most people think that they are not forecasters, but their predictions are a coincidence, so they have a mysterious color. I don’t know What do you think?

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