An active volcano may erupt at any time. Why do people want to live nearby? So what’s hidden?

Volcano can be said to be one of the most powerful natural disasters, which can be seen from this eruption alone. However, I believe most of the readers who read this article probably don’t live in volcanic areas, so many of them just stay on the news about the power of volcanic eruption. Let’s review the power of volcanic eruptions. Tambora volcano is the most terrible volcano in history. In 1815, Tambora volcano erupted. It is estimated that at least thousands of people died directly in this eruption.

Later, the volcanic ash and broken rocks from the volcano destroyed crops, polluted water sources, and caused the outbreak of diseases, which indirectly killed nearly 100000 people. The power of this volcano when it erupted is also unimaginable. According to the observation, after the eruption, the height of this Tambora volcano rapidly decreased from 4100 meters to 2850 meters, and the amount of volcanic ash and gravel sprayed into the air reached several million tons.

If a super volcano like this erupts in a city living around the volcano, it can’t escape. So why do so many people around the world live next to volcanoes? Every existence must be reasonable. In fact, it’s not without benefits to live around volcanoes. First, for the government, it is cheaper to build houses next to volcanoes, because the geothermal energy of volcanoes can provide the electricity needed by the city. The cost of the government is lower, and the electricity charges paid by the people are also very low. This is the first benefit. The second advantage is that the land near the volcano is very fertile, because there are a lot of minerals in the volcanic ash. After the minerals are integrated into the local soil, the local soil will be very fertile, which is an important reason why countless people live near the volcano.

And now with the development of technology, the utilization of volcanic resources is also very good. For example, one of our facial cleansers is the flag of volcanic mud. It can be seen that the natural resources of volcanoes can play an important role in many fields. So, naturally, some companies will set up the site next to the volcano. The last advantage is that the volcano is a valuable tourism asset. Now many people will choose to visit the volcano, and the small towns around the volcano will naturally get good economic development, so they are very willing to. However, with the development of science and technology, our prediction of volcanic eruption is becoming more and more severe. For example, we can predict whether the volcano will erupt in the next few weeks by the change of the amount of lava and the slope of the volcano.

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