An alien base in the Himalayas? Are the giant footprints left by aliens?

There are many unsolved mysteries on the earth. Some people think that there may be unknown creatures in some mysterious mountains and virgin forests. Some people think that there are alien bases in the north and south poles, and the ice and snow world is their umbrella. In our opinion, these statements are shocking, but there have been many strange events in history, which seem to show the world that things are not so simple.

In the eyes of many explorers, the Himalayas have always been a sacred existence. It has been covered by thick glaciers for many years, just like a holy land. In October 2014, a British mountaineer found a group of mysterious footprints in the Himalayas. At that time, he thought it might be left by the legendary snowman. What’s the matter?

Giant footprints

This mountaineering enthusiast is called Steve berry. This group of footprints was discovered by him when he was climbing. When he saw this group of footprints, he found that these footprints were much larger than human footprints. Moreover, these footprints were left on the hillside, and human beings could not walk on the hillside at all. If you look closely, you can see that the arrangement of these footprints is very regular, just like that of a giant humanoid. So it was speculated that this was not left by mammals and wild animals, or perhaps the legendary snowman. For a long time, the legend of snowman has been spread in the Himalayas. He claimed that he thought it was the footprints left by the snowman, which was based on the fact that 11 years ago, a herdsman in Bhutan once told him that the herdsman had seen the snowman. At that time, the snowman was watching himself from a distance of 100 meters. He saw that the snowman was covered with brown hair, just like a huge wild animal, but his height was not much different from that of human beings.

Records of snowman

In fact, when we look at the history, we will find that there is an ancient book in Inner Mongolia that records the snowman in the Himalayas. In this book, it is mentioned that the snowman in the Himalayas has been in contact with humans for more than 200 years. Therefore, some people think that there must be unknown creatures in the Himalayas, while others think that the snowman in the Himalayas is the legendary alien.

For so many years, human beings have been looking for the trace of aliens. Although we have paid a lot of efforts, the result seems not satisfactory. In the eyes of many scientists, they think that the universe is full of the seeds of life. It seems that there is no only one intelligent creature in the vast universe. Therefore, they guess that there are other intelligent lives in the universe, and these intelligent lives have already come to the earth, and even set up alien bases on the earth.

Alien base

Some time ago, scientists announced a bold guess, they found that there seems to be an alien base in the Himalayas. When scientists come to the Sino Indian border, villagers living here also claim that they often see UFOs appear over the Himalayas, sometimes take off in the Himalayas, sometimes land here. When we carefully sift through the UFO incidents in history, we will find that UFO sightings have frequently occurred in the Himalayas, and there are also UFO sightings People have put forward a bold view. They think that some big countries have already confirmed the existence of aliens, and even set up a special team to investigate the matter, but the results of the investigation are not disclosed to human beings.

Although human’s steps have gone to the universe, our understanding of the universe is still very simple. Even our home is full of many unsolved mysteries, so there are many things waiting for human to solve, such as whether there are snowmen in the Himalayas, whether aliens have come to the earth and established bases, which will take a long time We need more time to solve it. When we see these phenomena again, we must also maintain the ability to distinguish right from wrong. We can’t follow others’ advice. It’s most important to maintain our own views. I don’t know what people think?

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