An American woman fell from a height of 4400 meters. What saved her life was a group of ants?

People will always face many accidents in their life. We never know which one will come first, tomorrow or accident. Many people have heard such a saying: “life and death depend on life and wealth”. Maybe at some unexpected moment, some strange things happened like this. There is such a woman in the United States. She experienced a dramatic life. At that time, she was flying in the air and accidentally fell from a height of 4400 meters. Many people thought that this woman had just passed away. Unexpectedly, she miraculously survived.

Parachuting woman

This American woman’s name is Murray, she is a bank executive, usually very fond of skydiving, is a true skydiving enthusiast. As long as it is the weekend leisure time, she will meet with friends to go skydiving, so her skydiving experience is very rich. She had landed safely in 35 parachute jumps. After seeing her proud achievements, she constantly challenged herself, so she started the 36th parachute jump in her life.

It can be said that this parachute jump is a must. She has great confidence that this time she will land safely. On September 25th, 1999, Murray began her 36th parachute challenge. Originally, she held a good hope, but she did not expect that an accident happened in the process. When everything was ready, she flew down from 4400 meters high with confidence. At this time, she felt an endless sense of freedom. But after a minute, she tried to open the parachute, but found that the parachute could not be opened. At this time, she realized that her parachute had broken down. Although she was very frightened, she had rich parachute jumping experience, so she quickly calmed down.

When she was ready to use the parachute, she found that it was too late. At this time, she was only 700 meters high from the ground, and her body was crashing to the ground at a very fast speed. In the end, the parachute was useless. This picture made everyone present worried. If he fell from such a high sky, he would die. But unexpectedly, after he fell to the ground, Murray just fell into an ant nest. The soil of the nest is very soft, that is to say, the huge soil gives Murray a great buffer. Although she was seriously injured, she did not take her life.

Many people are very curious about her experience. Can an ordinary ant nest save people’s lives? In fact, this is because the ant nest it dropped is not an ordinary ant, but a very fierce fire ant. It is the existence of fire ants that saved Murray’s life. Local people are very afraid of fire ants. If they are attacked from outside, they will resist effectively. Moreover, the venomous stings in their bodies can stab the attackers, and even endanger their lives.

Morrie recuperated in the hospital for a long time. She finally got out of danger and survived. From then on, she still didn’t give up skydiving. When she recovered, she started her own skydiving career again. See here Xiaobian also have to praise the power of life, do not know what you want to say?

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