An octopus, or an alien creature, has landed on earth 270 million years ago, according to a joint report by 33 scientists

Now the film industry is booming, and science fiction movies are an eye opener. The variety of movie characters makes us feel incredible. Some movies even use octopus as the basic modeling to construct aliens. Is this too imaginative? Or something else? Let’s take a look with Xiaobian.

In fact, there is a report jointly published by 33 scientists in “biology and molecular biology” entitled “the cause of the Cambrian Big Bang: Earth or universe? „ÄčThe octopus may have been an alien creature, landing on earth long before human beings appeared.

The paper points out that the sudden prosperity of life in the Cambrian period is called the Cambrian explosion. The reason for this phenomenon is that the earth was impacted by a large number of organic molecular clouds from space. Scientists believe that after the Cambrian explosion, octopus began to evolve rapidly, and the octopus genome showed an amazing degree of complexity, in which 33000 protein coding genes were more than those in Homo sapiens.

In addition, octopus can directly modify up to 60000 active RNA editing sites to change gene expression products, namely proteins. This ability allows them to adapt more quickly to environmental changes. In humans with more than 20000 genes, there are only dozens of active RNA editing sites that can encode functional proteins.

The researchers also wrote that “its brain and complex nervous system, camera like eyes, flexible body, and the ability to instantly camouflage by switching colors and shapes are just a few salient features that suddenly appear in the evolutionary scene.”. They believe that this ability can not be found in their ancestors, it may be brought from the universe.

Scientists suspect that the origin of Octopus may be a new gene from space, which exists in the fertilized Octopus eggs. The octopus eggs are frozen into a cold comet, and then arrive at the earth with the comet, and then gradually reproduce into octopus. This may explain why Octopus suddenly appeared on earth 270 million years ago.

Octopus is a cephalopod. It’s the smartest of all non invertebrates. It has 500 million nerve cells. It has three hearts, so it needs more oxygen. Surprisingly, its blood is blue. Researchers speculate that the reason for octopus’s “blue blood” is that the species can’t migrate out of the harsh environment.

From this point of view, the shaping in the film is not unreasonable. Octopus is often cast as an alien in classic films such as “the awakening of a strange star” and “coming.”.

Do you think octopus is an alien? Welcome to share your comments!

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