An ordinary experiment, got a subversive answer: all things have “consciousness”

After entering the era of science and technology, human beings began to explore the mysteries of material and life through the power of science and technology. Life has always been considered as the most magical and complex thing. It has been more than half a century since human beings stepped out of the earth, but we have not found any extraterrestrial life in the universe.

The earth is the only living planet known by human beings. On this living planet, there are more than millions of kinds of life, including plants, microorganisms and higher animals. Human beings are the intelligent life among the higher animals and the overlord at the top of the whole biological chain.

So what’s the real secret of life? After Darwin put forward the theory of evolution, scientists began to focus on evolution. Through research and exploration, we found that genes are life factors that affect life, and gene mutation affects the direction of life evolution. It is precisely because of a special mutation in a gene of the ancient ape millions of years ago that we embarked on the road of intelligent evolution.

So is gene the core of life? With the continuous progress of human science and technology, scientists have discovered the existence of consciousness. The reason why human beings are intelligent life is precisely because we have a special intelligent consciousness. Consciousness is an invisible thing. Until now, we still don’t know whether consciousness belongs to matter, or it is another thing that we don’t know at all.

Besides human consciousness, animals also have consciousness. Besides animals, do plants or other non living substances also have consciousness? Some people may have said that consciousness is given to animals by nature. Those plants that can’t act can’t have consciousness, and non biological animals can’t have consciousness. Is this really the case?

In order to find the answer to this question, scientists have carried out a series of related experiments. One of the most famous experiments is the “Baxter effect experiment”. Cliff Baxter is an expert in lie detection. He invented a very special instrument.

What’s special about this instrument? What’s special about it is that this instrument is not used to detect people, but to detect the emotions of plants. Can plants still have emotions? It is estimated that many people will not believe this, and cliff Baxter does not believe that plants have the feelings and emotions of animals. But to prove that plants have no emotion, we need to use experiments to prove, so there is the emergence of this special test instrument.

The process of this experiment is like this: Baxter first connects the plant to the instrument, and then swims around the plant with fire. When the fire is close to the plant, the value displayed by the instrument increases obviously. After the fire is removed, the value will soon fall back to the original value.

Cliff Baxter was surprised by the result of this data change. This is not the same as the original expectation. If the plant does not have any emotion, the value of the instrument will not change when the fire moves around it. But the real result is that the instrument value has obvious changes, which shows that the plant has a response to the proximity of fire. What does this mean? It shows that plants also have basic consciousness and show some emotions.

After this important discovery, cliff Baxter was very excited. He conducted another 25 experiments with different plants, and finally got the same experimental results, which proved that when faced with life-threatening, plants and animals would show the same obvious emotional response. This emotional response is a form of consciousness.

Through a simple experiment, scientists confirmed that plants are conscious, and they are not unique to animals. So will non biological matter exist consciously? It is estimated that many scientists will not do such boring experiments. In the eyes of most people, it is impossible for an abiotic substance like stone to have consciousness. If it exists, it is a completely subversive result.

Some scientists have come up with a very old philosophy that everything is connected. This ancient philosophical view tells us that all things are connected. From a scientific point of view, all things are conscious. Now that we know that animals and plants exist consciously, why can’t non biological matter exist?

Scientists upgraded the instruments used in Baxter’s experiment, increased its accuracy by nearly ten times, and then connected them to stones. As we all know, stone is an ordinary non biological material that can be seen everywhere on the earth. What will the experimental results show? Is the data moving or not?

If the stone does not respond to the danger, the data on the instrument will not fluctuate. However, the experimental results once again shocked scientists and broke people’s glasses. When scientists also used fire as a threat to approach rocks, the values of the experimental instruments fluctuated significantly. This is a result that completely subverts our cognition. This shows that rocks also show the same reaction as plants, and it is also conscious.

So is the result only in stone? In order to make the answer more convincing, scientists have tested many kinds of non biological things, and finally got the same results. The values of experimental instruments will change in different ranges, which once again proves that non biological substances exist consciously.

However, not all scientists accept the answer that stones are conscious. Some scientists believe that the reason why the values of instruments change does not mean that they are conscious, but that they are caused by the tremor of particles inside the object.

Anyway, through these experiments, we have a new understanding of the world. There is no doubt about the consciousness of plants and animals. However, there is no definite answer as to whether the tremor of internal particles or a kind of consciousness appears when rocks face the threat of fire.

Of course, even if non biological substances such as stones are conscious here, then this kind of consciousness will be very different from that of plants, animals and human beings. Human consciousness is unique and can be said to be a high-level expression of consciousness. Animal consciousness is complex, while plant and stone consciousness is relatively simple, which may be an instinctive response.

If scientists prove that the reaction of stone is also a manifestation of consciousness in the future, then it will be the final conclusion that all things are conscious. Such a conclusion can completely overturn our understanding of the world and the universe. Especially for the universe, it may be something that human beings can’t understand. At that time, consciousness may be pushed to the altar and become the king of the universe.

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