Ancient civilization or real existence, scientists found at the bottom of Ryukyu, the site 15000 years ago

For human beings, the deep sea cannot survive. First, people in the water can’t breathe. Second, there is too much pressure in the deep sea. Imagine that at a certain depth, a car can be easily crushed, not to mention people. So does that mean there is no life in the deep sea? The answer is: obviously not. Deep sea fish is one of them. The question is, are there creatures on the ocean floor similar to humans?

You’re going to see light from the depths of the ocean, not unknown objects. This strange phenomenon makes scientists boldly come up with the idea that there is a kind of alien civilization similar to “alien civilization”. They depend on their own specific environment to survive on the seabed. So how credible is this guess?

Inadvertently, human beings are not only developing rapidly in the field of science and technology, but also impeccable in archaeology, constantly exploring ancient civilization on the earth. Now we are going to discuss the new discoveries about the origin of human beings. Can the relics of 15000 years ago discovered by scientists at the bottom of Ryukyu prove the existence of advanced civilization in ancient times.

As we all know, a lot of fossils and ancient relics have been found underground. These things are historical proofs. Human beings can infer the history of the earth from them. Compared with the underground relics, the discovery of submarine relics is much less. But if it doesn’t, it’s already a big hit. Every time the submarine remains appear, it’s amazing and will cause a sensation in the archaeological field.

At the bottom of the Ryukyu Islands, scientists have explored huge undersea structures. Because it was on the bottom of the sea a long time ago, it was covered with sand and marine plants. All seabed buildings are made up of round stone columns and stone ladders, which are engraved with many unknown patterns. Since then, archaeologists and historians from many countries formed a team to study this undersea relic in depth. Finally, it was discovered that the construction stone on the sea floor has a history of more than 15000 years, which is far from human civilization.

This huge seabed site deeply attracts these explorers, even historians, and even the words and patterns on the stone wall, are unable to understand. These undersea relics are full of mysterious colors, but at least human beings have confirmed that these people were highly civilized thousands of years ago.

Some scientists believe that the man who built this undersea relic should have been extinct in geological activities. In fact, many human beings have discovered submarine civilization for the first time, and advanced civilization has also been found in Peru’s territorial sea and Bermuda’s seabed. What are the secrets hidden in those relics?

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