Ancient frescoes show that there are God level civilizations above the alien civilization, which had a war

It has been more than 140 years since the first UFO sighting photos were published. Although some of them are well-designed scams, many people still believe that in the universe, human beings are not alone.

Since the 1950s, human beings began to explore the footprints of aliens more frequently. If you have seen the documentary “Ancient Aliens” of the history channel, you will find that, in fact, there were records of aliens visiting the earth in ancient times, such as ancient cave murals, pyramid murals, Mayan stone carving and medieval paintings, etc Perhaps in ancient times, highly developed alien civilization has been in contact with human beings on earth.

Although modern people don’t know enough about aliens, some UFO experts believe that alien civilizations also have their natural enemies, namely Protoss civilization. So the following small series to introduce to you, what is the relationship between God and aliens? The ancient Protoss civilization once fought against the alien civilization.

As we all know, alien civilization is equivalent to divine civilization for human beings, because they have much higher technology than human beings, which is a difficult thing for human beings. Aliens may be able to do it without much effort. So, is alien the invincible existence in the universe? This is also unsatisfactory, because some scholars believe that there is still a god level civilization above the alien civilization.

The energy of divine civilization may be very different from that of human beings or even aliens. For example, modern human beings use water, fire and electricity, but magic, fighting spirit and even light energy are essential energy for alien or divine civilization. Modern UFO scholars believe that a million years after the birth of the universe, the first civilization has been born, they are divine civilization.

Ten million years after the birth of the universe, the second group of civilizations, namely alien civilization, appeared, and human civilization is only a small branch of many civilizations in the universe. As we all know, many ancient Chinese frescoes have some incredible pictures. For example, some frescoes depict a battlefield with modern weapons on both sides. On the one hand, they are aliens, and on the other hand, they are creatures that can use the huge natural forces such as lightning, storm and fire.

Archaeologists boldly believe that 600 trillion years ago, the first Protoss civilization fought a war with aliens, and both sides suffered huge losses. Until today, mankind can not find any trace of protoss civilization, while aliens live in seclusion, only occasionally to visit the earth.

Today’s technology has been very developed, you can use high-definition photography at any time, so once you get a UFO picture, you will be immediately questioned whether it is fake. After all, the means of fraud are already superb, but Xiaobian still hopes that you will always maintain a belief, no matter how cruel the reality is!

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