Ancient murals have been found in Africa. Are the characters not human beings, but aliens?

In Darwin’s theory of evolution, Africa is the cradle of life. We also regard Africa as the birthplace of human civilization. Since we entered the modern society, we have been tracing back to the origin of human beings. At the same time, scientists have not forgotten to look for extraterrestrial life. In the vast universe, if only the earth gave birth to life, the probability is very small. Some time ago, scientists found many murals in the birthplace of human civilization, one of which attracted the attention of scientists.

However, in the history of human civilization, the status of the African continent is needless to say. In order to solve the secret of life, scientists have been exploring Africa. Unexpectedly, in the process of exploration, scientists have made unexpected discoveries. Scientists have found many prehistoric murals in the animal reserve in central Tanzania, which are very far away from us. There are 52 murals. After tens of millions of years of exposure to the sun and wind, these murals have been eroded to a certain extent, but several of them are still intact. While cleaning up the murals, scientists found that the scene depicted in one of the murals seems to be related to alien civilization.

Strange murals

When scientists first saw the mural, they were attracted by the bright red. In this mural, only five numbers are white, and all the other images are depicted with red paint. In the mural, there are many wild animals and the images of human driving objects. However, in one corner of the mural, scientists found a group of strange people with big differences He has a big head, a slender figure and a full height of three meters. It doesn’t look like a normal human at all. Who are the characters in the painting? Are they really Ancient Aliens?

The scientists analyzed the mural again, and we can also see from the pictures that have been circulated that these people are very strange. There is a depression in the middle of their big heads, which looks like a pumpkin. Thousands of years ago, how did human beings portray these images before the birth of scientific and technological civilization? Some people think that they can only depict these strange creatures when they have seen them with their own eyes, so this is not imagined by ancient human beings, but actually appeared on the earth.

Some scientists believe that perhaps the strange creatures in the murals are related to the way of sacrifice at that time. At that time, people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation all depended on the nature, so the ancestors of human beings would worship the buffalo as a God, and then they would depict the image of the head and body of the buffalo, so as to sacrifice and pray for the good weather next year.

It has been a long time since scientists have been able to unravel the secret of this mural. Whether the characters in the mural are aliens or not is a problem that will only be revealed in the future. What do you think?

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