Ancient shipwrecks and 6000 earthenware pots have been found on the seabed of Greece. What else have scientists found?

Compared with the earth, the time of human existence is too short. Therefore, the existence of prehistoric civilization has become a controversial topic in the scientific community. For so many years, scientists have been looking for traces of history, and unexpected discoveries have been made in the process of archaeology.

A sunken ship on the bottom of the sea

Scientists once found a sunken ship on the bottom of the sea in Greece. After experimental analysis, they found that the sunken ship was from the Roman period. After thousands of years of water moistening, the sunken ship is still relatively intact. To scientists’ surprise, there are more than 6000 huge pottery pots in the sunken ship, which are used to preserve wine and food. Scientists have found that the wreck is 33.5 meters long, which may be due to the Roman merchants who unfortunately fell into the sea while crossing the Mediterranean.

Scientists were surprised by the discovery, which is one of the largest shipwrecks ever found in the Mediterranean Sea. The shipwreck is now located in the fishing port of fiscado. Some time ago, scientists also found ancient houses and cemeteries near the fishing port. Scientists believe that these relics may be able to explain that the fishing port was an important trade port at that time, and all goods were transported through this trade route.

Did clay pots once contain oil?

In order to protect the ship, scientists have not yet salvaged the freighter, and a large number of pottery pots are still on the seabed. According to the photos taken by scientists, these pottery pots date back to the 1st century BC, which is very consistent with the rise of the Roman Empire. Scientists speculate that these pots are actually ancient memory crates, used to hold wine, wheat and other crops. In fact, scientists have found a similar ship yihaile before. According to the identification of the materials in the pots, these pots were once filled with oil. At present, half of the sunken ship’s area is also buried in the sediment, but it takes more money and time to salvage it completely. How to protect the ship has become a follow-up problem to be solved. Therefore, scientists can only solve their secrets by sampling the pottery pots.

If scientists can carry out archaeological investigation of the sea area near the sunken ship, then they can restore the shipping routes of the Roman period and all kinds of goods traded at that time, which is of great significance for human beings to study ancient civilization.

In our opinion, the ocean has always been a mysterious existence. There is no way for human beings to survive in the ocean, but actually the Shanghai Ocean is also a hotbed of history. There are many archaeological discoveries that scientists have captured in the ocean. After all, the landform on the earth at that time was far from what it is now. If human beings can no longer fear the ocean, there may be more unexpected discoveries. What do you think?

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