Anecdotes! 10 anecdotes circulating on the Internet but little known

In the age of information explosion, we get some interesting anecdotes from the Internet every day. It sounds like incredible information, like: why do you massage fish? Why is tea a natural “genetically modified” product? Why do Icelanders born before 1987 think their parents made it on Thursday? Isn’t it worth understanding and sharing a group of friends?

1、 Caviar

Caviar has always been an essential symbol for all kinds of high-end occasions. People who like it often describe the fresh and sweet feeling of its explosion in the mouth, while people who don’t like it think its fishy smell is hard to digest. No matter what kind of taste, the high price is even more so for Chinese people who don’t like western food.

A German scientist spent nine years developing a way to harvest caviar that would not kill or cause pain to the fish. When the fish look ready to lay eggs, the breeder uses ultrasound to monitor them.

Then change the feed composition and add more protein. When ovulation time comes, the fish will receive a special massage to ovulate without pain. This process can be repeated every 15 months and has been implemented on sturgeons. The next step is to prepare to test mandarin fish.

It is estimated that if this method is adopted, the price of caviar will drop by 70%. Whether it is delicious or not, you can try it yourself.

2、 Genetically modified products

A bacterium that has been working tirelessly on genetically modified products. For food safety reasons, many people relatively reject genetically modified products. However, most people don’t know that even the tea we drink every day can be a “natural genetically modified product.”.

Now, scientists have discovered a bacterium that is trying to transform genes from one plant in nature to another. The crops affected include tobacco, sweet potatoes, peanuts, peppers and even the most common tea.

Therefore, whether a person has eaten genetically modified products depends not only on the label, but also on his life.

3、 Bees like to sting banana eaters

Don’t say it was unexpected. If you eat bananas in a bee infested area, be careful to be seen by bees.

Because a chemical in bananas can make bees nervous, stimulate them and produce aggression. As a result, they will target banana eaters. If you take your children to the park in spring, be careful!

4、 Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban missile crisis was caused by football fields. In 1962, a consultant of the CIA found something strange in Cuba. He knew that Cubans actually liked baseball, but he actually saw football fields, which the Soviet Union liked very much at that time.

He even found a possible soviet military base, but US President Kennedy needed stronger evidence, so he sent U2 fighters to Cuba to investigate. The photos he got triggered the subsequent Cuban missile crisis.

5、 No television in Iceland

Icelanders born before 1987 made it clear that they were all made by their parents on Thursday. In Iceland, there was a rule that television could not be shown on Thursday. The aim is to encourage people to spend more time with friends and family on this day. How similar is the background of oasis in player number one!

So many people born before 1987 would joke that their parents must have made me on Thursday.

6、 U.S. Navy uses Xbox controller to control submarine

It is said that the original U.S. Navy submarine periscope was controlled by a $38000 rocker. But the commander thought the joystick was too heavy to operate, so the engineer quickly found a replacement and replaced it with a $30 Xbox joystick.

To tell you the truth, Xiaobian didn’t believe it when he saw the scene, but he just had a good time.

7、 Doctors in three hospitals in the United States are still using BB machines

Recall that 30 years ago, 126166 paging stations, various types of digital machines and Chinese character machines were as essential as the large screen mobile phones that can be seen everywhere today. If you don’t have another BB machine on your waist, you seem embarrassed to go out.

Now it’s really hard to see the style of BB machine again, but it’s said that doctors in major hospitals in the United States are still using it.

Because the walls of the hospital were built to prevent the leakage of X-rays, and all mobile phone signals were successfully blocked. Therefore, you must wear a pager instead of a mobile phone.

Xiaobian is just curious about two things: can’t pager signals be blocked so strongly? Who serves these bbms?

8、 The queen was tricked

Prince William and Prince Harry helped the queen apply modern technology and secretly recorded a similar voice message on the Queen’s answering machine: “Hi, what’s the matter?” “I’m Liz. I’m sorry. I’m not on the throne. Philip, please press 1. Charles, please press 2. To find the ditty, please press 3.”

The Queen’s personal secretary just heard the news and fell from her chair in a tumbling panic. No one knows how many people have heard the news, but the queen herself actually likes the prank. As long as you think about the reactions of the people you hear, you will have a long aftertaste.

9、 New houses in Tokyo start to be built from waste

The effect is not known. Snoring fathers are actually curious about how to sort and dispose of garbage in different cities, not just asking citizens to sort and pack garbage.

In Tokyo, a lot of combustible waste is burned, and special cleaning systems are used to prevent harmful gases and smoke from polluting the air. The burned ash is used as a raw material for building materials and can be reused to build houses.

10、 Spongebob

It’s actually a courseware for marine biologists. Marine biologist Steve hillenberg created a comic book about marine life in order to make his course interesting and attract students.

Later, when he was surrounded by animation circle, he began to use cartoon characters to make animated TV series, and SpongeBob was born. Do these interesting stories brighten your eyes?

Or there are more things we don’t know hidden in your heart, share it!

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