Another interpretation of the real cause of dinosaur extinction and the UFO on earth

Many domestic scientists believe that the moon is hollow. Because of the impact test on the moon when Apollo landed on the moon, there was a long time of moon quake. They were warned by UFOs during their landing on the moon, and according to the retired astronauts, they saw something terrible. What terrible thing is it? Retired astronauts say the U.S. government is holding back. That is, since Apollo, the United States has no longer dared to send people to the moon. In fact, the moon is the saint’s spaceship.

It is said that long ago, the Martians invaded the earth and had an interstellar war with the saints. At that time, the spiritual leader of the saint star people was commanding the battle on the moon. When he saw that the victory was imminent, his parent star, Saint star, was accidentally hit by a passing comet. The debris became meteorites that hit the earth like asteroids. At that time, the earth was in the age of dinosaurs. When countless meteorites hit the earth, it was like a nuclear explosion, which completely wiped out the dinosaurs on the earth. Later, the saints continued to fight with the Martians on the moon. (scientists found that there was a smell of gunpowder in the dust samples brought back from the moon, and there was a smell of war on the surface of the moon, and the dust of the moon also had static electricity). In the end, the Martians were defeated. Because Mars was polluted by war and was not suitable for living, the spiritual leaders of the saints on the moon agreed to settle down in the moon for the time being.

The destruction of the moon after Star Wars is also quite serious. To carry out large-scale repair, it needs a lot of energy. The project to repair the spacecraft to the moon is a long one. Only when these energy resources are mined on the earth, can they be really restored until Nuwa mends the sky (the legendary Nuwa mends the sky is real, and the sky refers to the moon). At that time, the earth plates were all connected, called Pangea, close to square. At that time, the moon was only 1000 kilometers away from the earth, and one side of the moon was facing Pangea. When humans look up, they are blocked by the moon. So the ancients said that the sky is round and the place is not stupid, but real.) Nu Wa is a saint. Later, she led the Martians to exploit energy on the earth. This is our mythical legend of Nu Wa mending the sky

In order to prevent the conflict with the rising human, which caused the dissatisfaction of the saints, the Martians chose to avoid. They disguise their spaceships as mountains and islands, or place them on the mountains or float on the sea. Therefore, according to the myths and legends handed down by human beings, mountains or islands will suddenly appear and disappear. The Martians lurked to the inaccessible parts of the earth to extract energy. The saints have learned the lesson of the destruction of their parent planet and have been protecting the earth from other asteroids for thousands of years. That’s why there are so many craters on the back of the moon. Because the energy they need comes from the earth, and they don’t want the earth to be destroyed. Later, with the gradual expansion of human footprint. The saints ordered the Martians not to conflict with the earthlings. So the Martians retreated and retreated, trying to avoid contact with humans. From time to time we send flying saucers to warn people that this is the UFO we see. Because at that time, the technological level of the earth people and the holy star people was so different that they were regarded as immortals by the ancient human beings!

It’s just a personal opinion. Whether it’s true or not, let’s treat it as entertainment. But some of the clips do come from cosmology.

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