Another invention in China is in the forefront of the world, which can keep mobile phones powered on forever

Are you still worried about the need to charge the battery frequently? Even the super capacity battery can’t last long in terms of life style. With the development of smart phones, people are forced to become “good babies” who go home on time. However, this kind of trouble won’t bother you for long. China has developed new materials that can be recharged continuously.

This new material is very thin, less than 0.1 mm thick, and has high flexibility, which can change the shape at will; this material mainly uses the temperature difference between the human body and the outside world to generate electricity, and the size of the temperature difference will also affect the charging effect.

For example, when people are in motion, the temperature difference between the human body and the outside world will become larger, which can charge more electricity for the battery; as long as there is a temperature difference, power generation can be generated anytime and anywhere. This material can be well used in mobile phones, electronic watches and other intelligent wearable devices. Experts revealed that this material will be widely used in various commercial fields within five years.

Thermal power generation was first studied by the United States. Through the energy collection device in the building, they collected the heat emitted by more than 3000 employees in the building for the use of office equipment in the building, which can save a lot of energy expenditure every year. But they never reveal to the outside world the materials and technologies they use.

Now, through our own scientific research, China has finally successfully developed this technology, and will use this technology in various social industries to benefit the world.

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