Another major breakthrough was made in nuclear fusion technology, and the British nuclear fusion reactor set a new record of 15 million degrees Celsius

The development of human civilization is inseparable from energy, which is the basis of survival. In the past century, with the rapid development of industrial revolution, science and technology are changing rapidly. But all these are in exchange for destroying the earth’s environment and exploiting a large number of resources. The energy we use now is basically non renewable resources, such as oil, natural gas, coal and so on. Once these energy resources are used up by human beings, we will really fall into the energy crisis.

The over exploitation of resources makes the environment of the earth worsen gradually. The global climate temperature is rising due to the greenhouse effect. The continuous melting of ice and snow in the north and south poles is threatening the survival of human beings. Research and development of pollution-free new energy to replace traditional energy is an inevitable problem in the future. The discovery of nuclear energy gives hope to mankind.

When it comes to nuclear energy, the first thing people think of is the nuclear bomb, a powerful weapon. Nuclear energy is a kind of very powerful energy. It is the continuous nuclear fusion inside the sun that makes the solar system have light and heat. If we want to use nuclear energy to serve mankind, we must master controllable nuclear fusion technology.

Nuclear fusion is a process in which hydrogen atoms fuse into helium atoms at high temperature and pressure. This is where the light and heat of stars come from. If nuclear fusion is out of control, it will produce the destructive force of hydrogen bomb. Fusion power generation can provide almost endless clean energy for human beings. It uses a special form of hydrogen as fuel, does not produce greenhouse gases, the only waste is helium. Through nuclear fusion, a teaspoon of liquid hydrogen fuel can produce energy equivalent to 28 tons of coal, and will not produce any radioactive nuclear waste.

But it’s not so easy to master controllable fusion. The first step is to make the temperature of the nuclear reactor reach 100 million degrees Celsius, which is seven times the temperature of the sun’s core. At present, the temperature that we can achieve is a new record set by a British nuclear fusion reactor recently, reaching 15 million degrees Celsius, which is higher than the temperature of the sun’s core. However, it is still a long way to go before we can reach 100 million degrees Celsius.

The new record of nuclear fusion reactor temperature is set by the UK’s Tokamak energy company, which plans to make the reactor temperature reach 100 million degrees Celsius by the end of this year, and plans to realize industrial scale nuclear fusion and grid connected power generation with the UK power grid by 2025. The 15 million degree Celsius milestone was achieved in a prototype device called st40. The device, which was put into operation last year, is the third device in the company’s “five steps” plan to achieve sufficient and clean fusion energy.

Nuclear fusion reaction uses hydrogen, which is inexhaustible on earth. Therefore, once controllable nuclear fusion technology is realized, human beings will have inexhaustible energy. The first thing to use is nuclear fusion power generation. At that time, the global power supply will be sufficient, and the electricity price will be greatly reduced. All people’s daily life will be realized by electricity, and the traditional energy will be abandoned, resulting in air pollution Also basically disappear, the earth’s environment will naturally improve step by step.

Controllable nuclear fusion power generation is only an initial application. Its real role is in space exploration. At present, the main obstacle to the pace of human space exploration is speed. At present, our aircraft still uses chemical fuel with limited thrust. Moreover, the speed in the universe is too slow. Once the controllable nuclear fusion is realized, it will be different. Our aircraft can go straight without rocket boost Free access to the earth. At the same time, we can build huge spaceships for space exploration and immigration. The engine developed by nuclear fusion can realize sub light speed flight or even light speed flight.

From this, we can see that controllable nuclear fusion technology is of extraordinary significance to human beings. Once it is realized, it is equivalent to upgrading human civilization to a higher level. Human beings will no longer be limited to the solar system, but can go out of the solar system and explore a broader universe. It is possible that at that time, it will be very easy for human beings to discover aliens. Of course, the research and development of controllable nuclear fusion is difficult, but it can achieve 15 million degrees at present. I believe this record will be constantly updated in the future. We are looking forward to the realization of controllable nuclear fusion technology.

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