Another Mars probe will fly to Mars next month. What will its mission be?

There are eight planets in the solar system. Since the beginning of the exploration of the universe, human beings have been deeply interested in the eight planets in the solar system. Among them, Mars is of high concern, and there are many probes to Mars. One of the most famous Mars explorations is Mars. After landing on Mars, Mars has been working continuously, sending back many precious pictures of Mars to the earth, and scientists have a deeper understanding of Mars from these pictures.

From the pictures sent back from Mars, many strange things and landforms have been found on Mars. At present, we are not sure what these things are. Moreover, Mars can only carry out certain exploration on the surface of Mars, and some conditions inside Mars are still unknown. Human beings urgently need a Mars probe that can carry out preliminary exploration of the interior of Mars.

According to news on April 13, NASA’s insight Mars probe will be launched in a month to explore the geological mysteries of rocky planets on the surface of Mars. NASA’s new Mars probe, insight, was placed in a special clean room before it was launched. Moreover, it is strictly protected. Anyone who wants to visit it has to go through a series of security measures to get in. It can be seen that NASA attaches great importance to this new Mars probe this time.

The whole body is almost completely white and the surface is porous. In sight is composed of the spacecraft itself and the heat shield on the surface, which can withstand the high temperature of 1500 ℃ during landing. The length of the insight spacecraft is about 6 meters, powered by solar panels on the spacecraft.

When insight reaches the surface of Mars, it will begin to deploy two major scientific instruments. The first is a seismometer wrapped in a dome to measure the vibration of Mars. Of course, you can’t take it for granted to measure earthquakes. As scientists do on earth, with insight’s seismograph, planetary geologists will be able to infer from these vibrations the composition of the interior of Mars.

The second instrument is the strangest thermometer you’ve ever seen. It will drill 16 feet deeper than any other Mars probe. Then insight will embed a cable with a thermal sensor every 46 cm. “With thermal sensors, we can actually calculate the temperature change in the borehole,” said Bruce banerdt, chief researcher of the Mars exploration mission. “Thermal gradients are the reason for radiating heat out of the planet. So in a short period of time, we can infer that and get the thermometer deep inside the planet. “

Like the earth, Mars is also a rocky planet. There are too many similarities between Mars and the earth, and humans also regard Mars as the first station for future human migration to other planets. After detailed understanding and surveying of Mars, we will prepare for the future manned landing on Mars, and at the same time, we will prepare for the transformation of Mars. In the future, human beings will colonize Mars. Mars will become the second planet for us to survive, and it is also an important step for human beings to colonize other planets.

I believe that the new insight Mars probe will bring new good news to mankind. Finally, I wish the launch of insight Mars probe next month a complete success.

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