Another super earth? Four light years away, scientists are worried about the existence of other civilizations

Now, there are 6 billion people on the earth, and among them, human beings are still in a weak growth state. If this continues, after a certain period of time, there is no doubt that human beings will occupy the earth. However, with limited environmental capacity on the earth, the population density will be too high, and then a series of chain reactions will occur, which are likely to lead to the earth’s death Extinction on earth.

Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of this situation in the universe, scientists began to try to find the earth where human beings can live on the extraterrestrial planets, namely earth version 2.0. In this case, it is an inevitable trend for human beings to carry out interstellar migration in the universe in the future, and the premise of allowing life to transfer on these earth is to find the right second earth. While scientists are busy with research, they unexpectedly found a planet only 4 light-years away from the earth, which has a suitable environment for human survival and is very suitable for human interstellar migration.

Facts have proved that it is an earth like planet highly similar to the earth. In this case, there are many similar environmental conditions with the earth. Among them, there is a continuous flow of liquid water on the earth, which is stored on the surface in large quantities. This makes scientists very happy, because water resources are indispensable to life on the earth. Once water is lost, life on the earth will be destroyed Things can’t be metabolized in the life cycle. And the huge reserves of water resources on the earth have laid a solid foundation for human survival in the future.

In addition to these water resources, there are many very similar situations on the earth, such as climate. Because it is also a planet similar to the earth, there is a similar climate on the earth. Moreover, it is not far away from the earth, and it can also receive the sun’s irradiation. It can receive a lot of energy on the earth every day, just like a replica of the earth, scientists believe For, such a good environment of the planet, is likely to be where the three body civilization exists, just like a replica of the earth.

When many people think that it can migrate, scientists think that such a planet with good environment is likely to be the place where the three body civilization exists. If we do not carry out comprehensive human exploration, then rashly going to the interstellar migration will inevitably have serious consequences.

Before that, scientists have indeed begun to search for extraterrestrial civilization in the universe, but they are all in fruitless exploration. If we find the earth now, we must be more careful, because in this comfortable environment, there may be three body civilization. At that time, human beings will directly enter the earth, and interstellar warfare will take place in this ring There is no doubt that human beings will be in a disadvantageous position, and even there will be a huge gap between the levels of civilization.

After the discovery of earth version 2.0, it is appropriate to have a comprehensive exploration plan, because it is impossible to see so much comfort on the surface, so it began to carry out rapid interstellar migration in the universe, and led to unimaginable serious consequences. After comfortable earth 2.0, advanced three body civilization is likely to be hidden, everything is unknown, waiting for human scientists to explore.

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