Another world exists, but we can’t see it with our naked eyes. Expert: seeing is not necessarily true

In recent years, people often appear in people’s field of vision. We are more or less interested in the scientific exploration of those things that science has not explained clearly and which are closely related to human beings!

Today, human science and technology has indeed developed to a certain level, and the study of things is more profound and abstract. For example, “dark matter”, a hot topic in the scientific community recently, is absolutely incomprehensible if we show it to ordinary people, but scientists are very interested in it. Although its specific form is not clear, scientists have always thought that it is part of the universe.

Even so, dark matter is amazing. This is a large part of the universe, but it is not a constituent element of celestial bodies. It is very independent. Using modern means to speculate, dark matter may exist in large quantities, accounting for at least 85% of the universe, such a huge proportion, and we do not know that it may have a huge impact on our real life.

No matter how technology develops, we are not sure what the world is like. Maybe there is still a long way to go. No matter how technology develops, we are not sure. Now we can see the world with our naked eyes, maybe it’s just some electromagnetic waves, the sound we can hear, maybe it’s just the matter on the earth shaking in different ways.

In other words, the world we see now may just be the imagination of the brain itself. But even so, the human eye has some flaws. Because there are still some animals that can see the “world” that can’t be seen by human eyes, such as bees that can see the ultraviolet spectrum of the earth, so this ability can never be seen by human beings.

Not only that, in fact, there is something different from our world on the earth, that is, the “micro” world that scientists often say. Many people should sound very abstract and strange. This feeling is only because our naked eye can not reach that level. After all, the so-called “microorganisms” are less than 0.1 mm in diameter. If we want to understand them, we have to use instruments.

What’s more, many people speculate that there may be another dimension on the earth. In addition to the so-called “parallel universe”, there is now the former “geocentric theory”, which was originally considered wrong, perhaps just because the cognitive level is not up to standard. Now many data can prove this theory. Maybe the world they found at that time is exactly what scientists have been looking for It’s another world!

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