Antarctic glacier melting, scientists found something unexpected, human beings should be vigilant

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years, and the exploration of this home has started from the day when human beings were born. Although the ancients did not have modern developed science and technology, they still have strong willpower and are still moving forward.

The ancient earth did not have seven continents, but a whole continent, which we call Pangea. Hundreds of millions of years ago, the earth underwent dramatic geological changes, Pangea continent split into seven blocks, separated by the ocean. Therefore, after the birth of mankind, people in different plates had little contact.

Although most of the ancients were very curious about the world, because of the lack of advanced transportation work, few people dared to go out to explore. However, since human beings are intelligent life, they will not lack the spirit of adventure. A very small number of people still choose to go out and explore the truth of the world. So the brave adventurers began their journey of adventure. It was these adventurous ancestors who made the continents discovered, made the communication between the continents and knew each other’s existence.

If you want to ask which of the seven continents is the most mysterious and complex, many people may know that it is the Antarctic continent. Yes, Antarctica, known as the Seventh Continent, is the last continent on earth to be discovered and the only one that has not been settled.

The total area of the Antarctic continent is 13.9 million square kilometers, equivalent to the total area of China and India Pakistan subcontinent, ranking fifth in the world. The whole Antarctic continent is covered by a huge ice sheet with an average altitude of 2350 meters, which is the highest continent in the world.

The Antarctic continent can be regarded as a forbidden area for human beings. Before human beings entered the era of science and technology, few people would set foot here because it was too cold. If a person goes into the desert, there may be a chance to come out. However, if we rashly enter the depths of Antarctica, we will be dead. It is precisely because of the mystery of the Antarctic continent that when human science and technology have developed to a certain extent, there are many scientific research stations here. Once no one set foot in the place, also began to explore.

In fact, one of the important reasons why more and more people have set foot in Antarctica is that the temperature of the earth is rising, and Antarctica is not as cold as it used to be. Moreover, every year when the Antarctic summer comes, the ice and snow here melts faster and the temperature is not too cold. Many tourists will come to Antarctica to visit the glaciers and the lovely scenery Penguins.

Although the continuous warming of Antarctica enables many people to explore here, in the eyes of scientists, the continuous warming of Antarctica may be a huge disaster for the earth’s ecology and human beings. Now scientists spend a lot of time every year monitoring the melting situation of Antarctic glaciers, keeping abreast of the dynamics here, and seeing what unexpected situations will occur.

In many people’s opinion, the melting of Antarctic glaciers is from the outside to the inside, which is a relatively normal melting of glaciers. However, scientists have discovered something unexpected after observing the melting of Antarctic glaciers. It turns out that there are large and small water holes in the east of Antarctica. Maybe for many tourists, these water caves appear in Antarctica, which is a very beautiful scenery. However, when scientists saw these water holes, they were not happy at all. On the contrary, they were full of deep worries.

So how do these water holes come from? We should know that this kind of water hole should not have happened in the cold environment of Antarctica. Now that it has appeared, it shows that the melting of Antarctic glaciers is intensifying, not only from the outside to the inside, but also from the inside and outside, and even the melting speed inside may be faster.

If the melting mode of glaciers in Antarctica is only from the outside to the inside, then the whole Antarctica will remain in a stable state, and there will not be a particularly bad situation. But if the interior of the glacier starts to melt rapidly, it’s very dangerous. After this happens, the whole Antarctic continent is no longer stable, but will collapse at any time. In other words, the whole glacier will continue to disintegrate, a huge piece of ice loose drift.

Once the ice splits and drifts to the sea, it will melt faster. Maybe many people have no idea about the consequences of the total melting of Antarctic glaciers, and think that the sea level will rise a lot. But in fact, once all the Antarctic glaciers melt, the impact will be disastrous.

If all the Antarctic glaciers melt, the Arctic glaciers will melt, and the global sea level rise may not be less than 50 meters at that time. What does this data mean? It means that most of the land in the world will be drowned. Many people may have heard of the global flood in ancient times. In the past, many people thought that the ancient flood was just a legend.

But later, through a large number of archaeological studies, scientists found that the ancient flood did occur. The cause of the flood is not clear, but the scale is huge. Most of the land is gone, and the sea water has reached the foot of Mount Everest. Scientists found a lot of ancient marine fossils in Mount Everest, which can show that the earth in ancient times was full of water for a period of time.

If the glaciers in the north and south poles melt, the sea level will rise sharply, and the disaster will be no less than another global flood. Of course, mankind is now a scientific and technological civilization. Even if most of the world’s land disappears in the future, we can still build marine city life. Don’t worry about the disappearance of land, so that human beings have no place to live.

The sea-level rise caused by the melting of Antarctic glaciers is not a huge disaster. The real disaster is the recovery of ancient permafrost. I believe many people know that in addition to a large number of glaciers in the north and south poles, there are countless bacteria and viruses that have been frozen for tens of millions of years. They’re all frozen in the permafrost.

The ancient permafrost in the north and south poles is a huge biological laboratory. Once they start to recover with the rise of global temperature, all kinds of viruses in them may recover. I believe we all know that the virus is terrible. In the past more than a month, a new virus has made countless people panic. Everyone dare not go out and can only stay at home.

Viruses are tiny creatures that we can’t see with naked eyes. Their vitality is very strong. Even if they have been frozen for tens of thousands or millions of years, once the temperature is appropriate, they may recover. In the face of a new type of virus, human resistance is very weak, once contact with the probability of being infected will be very high.

If it is a new type of modern virus, after a period of research and exploration, we may be able to find a cure and develop relevant vaccines. However, in the face of the ancient viruses tens of thousands of years ago, hundreds of thousands of years ago or even millions of years ago, because they are very different from modern viruses, I am afraid it will be very difficult to solve them. Once the ancient virus is very harmful to human beings, it may bring us unimaginable terrible disaster.

Therefore, we should be alert to the large number of water holes in Antarctic glaciers. They give us a warning: the rising speed of the earth’s temperature is increasing, and the ecological deterioration of the earth is increasing. Human beings are constantly destroying the earth’s ecological environment, which is bound to meet the counterattack of nature. Only when we love and protect the environment, will nature bring us good news. Otherwise, we may face more and more terrible disasters in the future.

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