Antarctic “ice fish” appears actively, living in harsh environment, human hand temperature can burn it to death!

Antarctic “ice fish” appears actively, living in harsh environment, human hand temperature can burn it to death!

Antarctica is crowned with a mysterious veil. This continent is widely known, mainly because it is extremely cold and has a bad environment. It can be called a natural database, which can retain the most original information on the earth. However, it is very difficult to find this information because of human’s limited ability. There were explorers who had been to Antarctica. Because they couldn’t bear the cold, they left here in a few days. There was very little information they could get.

Nature is magical. In the extremely harsh environment of Antarctica, many creatures have been born. Penguins, for example, live in Antarctica all year round and have long adapted to the Antarctic environment. If we put it on warm land, it will accelerate its extinction. Antarctic “ice fish” appears actively, living in harsh environment, human hand temperature can burn it to death!

Scientists discover new species in Antarctica

Antarctica is famous for its severe cold. Some time ago, scientists discovered a brand new species when they explored Antarctica. Its shape is similar to that of a fish, only the size of a palm. From its external characteristics, it can be preliminarily judged that it is not harmful to human beings. In order to have a deeper understanding of this new species, scientists carried out carpet observation and found that its special properties must be below – 5 ℃ to survive. If the temperature is higher than this, it will endanger its life anytime and anywhere, so scientists named it ice fish.

It has been living in the Antarctic for a long time and has been integrated with the Antarctic environment. Some scientists joked that if an ice fish is put on the palm of the hand, it may be directly burned to death, because there is a temperature in the palm of the human hand, and the normal temperature of the human body is maintained at about 36 degrees. These ice fish can not withstand such high temperature. In order to ensure its safety, scientists are strictly controlling its environment.

What is the living environment of ice fish?

In fact, scientists discovered this kind of ice fish long ago. Due to the limited level of science and technology, they have not studied it in depth. Coupled with their different evolutionary directions, some ice fish can still survive tenaciously even without hemoglobin. Due to the harsh requirements of the environment, the temperature in the north and south poles is rising, which directly affects the fate of ice fish. If it goes on, the ice fish will go extinct. The palm of human hand can kill it, not to mention the rising ocean temperature.

In the final analysis, it is all caused by human activities. The extinction of many species in nature is closely related to human activities. On the one hand, it is the influence of the earth itself, and on the other hand, it is human activities. At present, human beings should reduce carbon emissions, live a low-carbon life, and increase the search for environmental protection energy to ensure that ice fish will not go extinct. In Antarctica, there are more than ice fish There are also other unknown creatures, which may have gone extinct before they were released due to environmental changes. For the sake of these species in Antarctica and the environment on earth, everyone should start from now on to avoid these misfortunes. The discovery of this new species is a great delight to scientists. What do you think can be done to save this creature? You can leave a message for interaction.

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