Antarctica has gone on and on again. Google maps has detected “snowman”, which is clearly visible to the naked eye!

Google maps has a big discovery, there are unidentified creatures in Antarctica, suspected to have disappeared for a long time “snowman”!

The north and south poles used to be the pure land of the earth. In recent years, great changes have taken place under the influence of global warming. The homeless polar bear penguins and the instant melting of numerous glaciers directly affect the lives of the surrounding residents. What’s more, there are always some strange things happening in these areas, which even science can’t explain clearly. Recently, new news came that Google Maps users had a very rare phenomenon in Antarctica, which aroused heated discussion. They took a group of photos and looked like the legendary “snowman”.

Does the legendary “snowman” exist?

There was once a legend of snowman in the Himalayas, which was gradually forgotten due to lack of sufficient scientific basis. Now its reappearance is unexpected. “Snowman” has another name, that is, Bigfoot savage. At first, many people didn’t believe it was a snowman. It might be a rock covered with snow. So what is it? Google maps has a big discovery, there are unidentified creatures in Antarctica, suspected to have disappeared for a long time “snowman”!

In the world, the most controversial topic is nothing more than UFOs in the sky. The topic of snowman only increases, but it is relatively less than UFOs. According to the published data, the snowman is more than 20 meters long and is located on the edge of the South Pole. From a distance, it looks like a giant. Standing there motionless, it’s extraordinary. Some people wonder if it’s an alien? After all, no one on earth can be 20 meters tall. In order to get more accurate data, the witness calculated with Google maps that the length from head to foot is 22.69 meters, which is amazing.

Who is the real identity of this unknown creature?

It is impossible to say that it is a rock covered with snow. Some people think that its appearance is related to the change of natural environment. The environment of Antarctica is not the same as before. It may appear to solve the problem of food and clothing, hoarding food, and its identity cannot be confirmed at present. There have been many reports about it in history, but they failed in the end. We can only understand it from some grapevine news, and no one has ever really touched it.

Once a professional research team found large footprints near the Himalayas, suspected snowman, and restored many images. Because the footprints were not clear enough, the matter ended in nothing. At present, what we need to confirm is its living habits and physical characteristics, in order to find it with direction and goal, the investigation team is further studying. Although no effective information has been obtained, its appearance is by no means accidental. Science pays attention to reason, and there is no way to draw a conclusion directly.

The nature is uncanny, the human energy has limitations, it is still unable to distinguish whether the “snowman” exists or not, in order to thoroughly understand it, we need to further study. Human beings claim to be the masters of the earth. In the face of these strange creatures, there are still some difficulties that we need to work together. Do you think this mysterious creature found by Google maps is a snowman? You can leave a message for interaction.

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